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Business case studies No 216 - 20.04.2018

Rise of the robots

This week’s egtabite features a cutting-edge concept launched by IP Deutschland which provides advertisers with a dynamic and innovative tool enabling them to engage potential consumers: the video chatbot.

Thanks to recent technological innovations in speech recognition and synthesis, the original purely text-based chatbots have evolved and today offer either completely spoken dialogues or a mix of spoken and written language. While the idea of chatbots isn´t new, these technological advancements created a considerable amount of buzz, making it one of the most talked about topics of 2017.

In line with their Total Video strategy, IP Deutschland took the concept of the purely text-based chatbot one step further and created a unique video-based version. By inserting video chatbots into their digital video ads, the sales house provides advertisers with the opportunity to promote their services or products in a personal, playful, involving and interactive way.

What is a Video Chatbot?

IP’s video chatbot is based on a pre-roll takeover (PRTO) which consists of a spot, surrounded by a branded frame, taking up almost the entire screen. Once the takeover starts and the spot is running, the frame´s content invites viewers to activate the video chatbot. With the chatbot enabled through a single mouse-click, viewers can interact directly with the spot and thus actively influence and change the narrative thread of the video - interactively, continuously and in real time.

The video chatbot guides viewers through a number of multiple choice questions, to which it immediately provides an answer. As a result, the chatbot recommends a relevant product or video/textual content. For example, after asking viewers about their food habits, the video chatbot recommends a relevant recipe - as video or text - and thanks to geo-tracking, provides a list of stores nearby that sell the ingredients needed to prepare the dish.

The interaction possibilities for viewers are not limited to filling in simple text cells but can be extended to other elements such as drag-and-drop elements, contests and more. If the viewer doesn´t activate the video chatbot, a video tag-on can additionally be used to further strengthen the call-to-action and draw the viewers´ attention to the frame and the chatbot.

What are the advantages for brands?

The video chatbot is valued as a multifunctional tool, which satisfies a wide range of customer needs. It creates the impression of having a personal dialogue with a real customer service, giving the brand an emotional touch. The chatbot addresses a specific target group through the use of data and user-interaction and helps find the best product to fit the customer’s needs while promoting existing content like videos and articles.

IP Deutschland provides advertisers with a full service-package which includes conception, creation, production, distribution and reporting. By doing so, the sales house reduces the complexity for advertisers by adapting to their individual needs, creative assets and budget.



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