09 September 2016
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Wake up to the new possibilities of mobile audio: How a radio station integrated a bank into its successful app launch

It’s back to the future for this week’s egtabite, as we showcase the evolution of REGIOCAST’s Radio.likemee app – first featured in egtabite No. 87 – into an effective brand platform for advertisers.

Radio.likemee is a white label app that delivers a personalised radio experience to listeners throughout the day, starting with a wake-up call from their favourite radio host. The user can configure the service to deliver content such as weather and traffic updates, news and comedy – all at the times of their choosing – and there are a range of radio streams that can be selected depending on the listener’s mood at any given time. The app won a German Radio Award for the best innovation in 2015.

REGIOCAST describes Radio.likemee as a Personal Radio System; not only can the listener set up the app for the listening experience that suits them, individual stations can also adapt the technology to best serve their audiences and partners.

The Moin! R.SH-App is an example of just that.

Exclusive sponsorship with Volksbank Raiffeisenbanken

R.SH (Radio Schleswig-Holstein) is a popular radio station in Germany’s most northerly state, and part of the REGIOCAST portfolio. The station implemented its own execution of the Radio.likemee platform, branded as Moin! R.SH-App. Moin is a greeting used in the area.

R.SH offered the bank Volksbank Raiffeisenbanken an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for four weeks following the launch of the new app. This included integration of the client within the app’s loading screen, pre-stream and in-stream audio spots and online advertising on the website of both the radio station and the app itself.

In addition to the sponsorship within the app, the launch was supported with on-air trails, which referred to the client’s association with the Moin! R.SH-App.


The app was a big success and generated more than 24,000 downloads in the first four weeks (the average reach of the station is about 180,000), with approximately 23,000 clicks on the splash screen, 290,000 spots delivered before and within the streams in the app and 50,000 ad impressions in the stream outside of the app.

Why does this matter to egta members

Solutions like Radio.likemee offer great opportunities for radio companies to monetise online audio and take full advantage of mobile. Thanks to seamless integration into a popular product that is an integral part of the daily lives of its listeners, a radio company can offer additional value to its clients with an attractive and exclusive environment for them to advertise in.

This example shows how the buzz generated around the launch of a new radio platform can create additional marketing opportunities for advertisers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: listeners are happy with the personalised product, the client gets an effective brand platform, and the radio company generates additional revenue from online audio.

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