Business case studies No 184 - 07.07.2017

Dear members,

The final egtabite before our summer break features an essential reading tip to add to your summer list: the results to egta’s CEO Survey.

In April, we conducted a high-level, wide-ranging opinion survey, amongst our 140 member sales houses. This piece of research was designed to shed light on the priorities, expectations and forecasts of the leaders of most of the industry’s most powerful and influential companies.

The survey sought answers to the following questions: What direction is our industry (broadcast and advertising) headed in? What threats and challenges are keeping TV and radio CEOs and top executives awake at night? What are the most promising opportunities for growth in the coming years?

Our survey generated a very high response rate, with more than 118 surveyed companies’ senior executives taking part.

What did our survey reveal?

Overall, the CEOs and Top Executives in our network are confident about the future. European television and radio sales houses rank audience measurement and the lack of a single trading currency, competition from online players in the advertising market and changes to the way young people consume media as their most significant concerns.

The most significant opportunities for the coming few years centre around two poles: new ways to deliver content to audiences and the targeting possibilities opened by data, while programmatic trading is considered a middle-ranking opportunity.

Eager to benchmark yourself against your peers’ strategies and perspectives? We kindly invite you to explore and circulate the results.

Click here for a special European report prepared by the team in time for egta’s CEOs and Top Executives summit which took place in Stockholm at the beginning of June.

Click here
for the deck of slides with the full international results.

The PowerPoint version of these slides is available upon request. The egta team is, of course, available should you require more information.

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The egtabites will return in September.  We are eager to learn about ideas, projects, and initiatives you might have carried out recently, and that other members could be inspired by. Are you proud of a project your team launched over the past months? Send it to us and we will write a story about it so that good cases can keep on multiplying!

In the meantime, we wish you an excellent summer and lots of reading pleasure!


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