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The international trade body of multiplatform TV and audio businesses, representing more than 180 companies in over 40 markets

egta Industry Charter

This landmark document sets out a visionary roadmap for the continued success and evolution of multiplatform TV and audio

New report: The Age of AI

Artificial Intelligence has sparked excitement and uncertainty across the media industry, but what are the implications and opportunities for multiplatform TV? Find out in our latest publication

New report: Audio Measurement

Curious about the methodologies used to measure radio across Europe and beyond? We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first part of our report.

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About egta

egta is the international trade body of multiplatform TV and audio businesses. We represent more than 180 members in over 40 markets.

Our mission is to contribute to the commercial sustainability of the media industry. We enable our members to flourish as they connect brands with audiences. Through our unique network of experts, we foster collaboration and engage with policy makers. We drive the industry forward through cooperation, benchmarking and alignment on standards. egta is a knowledge-sharing and innovation hub for its members and the broader industry.

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Knowledge Hub

egta’s Knowledge Hub is the one-stop destination for curated resources and business insights tailored to empower media and advertising professionals. This comprehensive library of egta articles includes research, case studies, podcasts, surveys & compilations, and industry resources. The egta Knowledge Hub is designed to be a practical tool for all egta members, offering valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and best practices across a wide range of industry topics.


Our network thrives on the connections made at our diverse events, both in person and online. From industry-level summits and research conferences to training programs, workshops, and webinars, these gatherings provide invaluable opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing, and thought leadership. Catch up on previous events and don’t miss what’s coming up soon.

Tech Hub

egta’s Tech Hub is a dynamic web portal that assists multiplatform TV and audio companies in finding suitable ad tech solutions and identifying providers to build and optimise their ad tech stacks. Acting as a one-stop-shop search engine, media and advertising executives can use the tool to quickly and easily understand the available products and services, finding those that best suit their needs. Users can access targeted and relevant information about these products and the companies that offer them.