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How to become a member

If you are interested in joining the association, please simply send an email to the egta team informing them of your desire to become a member.


You will be asked to sign the following three documents:


  • A membership convention indicating the membership fee you will pay (see below)
  • The Statutes of the association
  • The Internal Regulations of the association


The annual cost of egta membership is relative to the gross turnover of a company. Consequently, egta’s fees are structured into six categories of membership for television sales houses and nine categories for radio sales houses. The membership categories only reflect the size of the fee paid, as members of all categories benefit from the same services. Here is the split per category, please contact the team to request the annual members fee for each of these categories:


Membership categories


TVM1: Turnover lower than €10 million

TVM2: Turnover between €10 & €30 million

TVM3: Turnover between €30 & €100 million

TVM4: Turnover between €100 & 350 million

TVM5: Turnover between €350 & 700 million

TVM6: Turnover between €700 & 1.000 million

TVM7: Turnover between €1.000 & 1.750 million

TVM8: Turnover between €1.750 & 3.500 million

TVM9: Turnover higher than 3.500 million



RM1: Turnover lower than €5 million

RM2: Turnover between €5 million & €20 million

RM3: Turnover between €20 & €50 million

RM4: Turnover between €50 & €150 million

RM5: Turnover between €150 & €500 million

RM6: Turnover higher than €500 million



RAM: Radio Associate member

TVAM: TV Associate member

TVRAM: TV and Radio associate member


To receive the membership fees for each of these categories, please contact the egta team.


 If you wonder why to become a member you should find the answers to your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions page.


About us

The reference centre for audiovisual advertising sales houses


egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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