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Why radio


10 things about Radio that may surprise brands

Uncover ten facts about radio that may surprise brands. The compelling insights and argumentation, often unknown to marketers, are backed by data and research from around the globe.




RADIO WORKS: Why radio is the best medium for D2C brands & e-commerce









The Sound of Success - How radio boosts business


13 key arguments around how radio boosts business


To demonstrate the power of radio egta prepared a slide deck with facts and figures supporting radio as a medium and an advertising platform, each backed by various pieces of research and data from Europe and the US.





Why now is a good time to advertise on radio


The top eight reasons to advertise on radio during the current crisis


In order to support egta radio members with additional arguments on “why advertise on radio”, we have selected a set of research data and facts to highlight the key reasons to keep using radio in times of crisis.


PDF here




The year of Sonic


Insights on the growing importance of sonic branding
See the presentation with international figures and arguments PDF or PPT.






The year of Audio


Need some facts and figures about reach, streaming, podcasts and learn how to use audio in the marketing mix?
See the presentation with international figures and arguments PDF or PPT.





Testimonials from marketers and industry leaders on why they embrace radio as an effective medium and advertising platform


Curious how radio and audio help marketers achieve their marketing objectives?


See the collection of testimonials here: PDF or PPT.






Six key arguments for radio advertising


egta compiled six key arguments for radio in a slide deck, including visuals, facts and figures in support of radio as a medium and an advertising platform, including links to various pieces of research to back them up.  We invite you to share these messages widely with the industry and proudly communicate about radio’s strengths!


The PowerPoint version is at your disposal to be adapted, translated, included in your own materials, etc.


You can download the PowerPoint here (fonts incl.) PDF version here



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