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EGTA insights, briefs and collections of cases

NEW! egta insight on innovation in total tv measurement

This report is an update of egta’s Advances in Hybrid Television Audience Measurement, last published in June 2021. It includes highlights of key developments and innovation in TV/video audience measurement by industry measurement bodies (JICs/MOCs) in 19 countries. The document also provides an overview of TV/video measurement services offered by global vendors, as well as an explanation of various industry



This publication inspiring examples of collaboration between advertisers, agencies and the creative departments of TV sales houses from various markets, across Europe and beyond. The collection explores creativity and collaboration, and highlights TV's potential as a force for good, with many campaigns aimed at promoting positive change, such as defending human rights and promoting sustainable practices.


egta snapshot on radio automation

This publication provides a short overview of selected market initiatives aiming at automating radio and audio ad sales.


egta collection of creative radio & audio campaigns vol. 2

The egta team has released the second volume of its Collection of Creative Radio and Audio Campaigns. This unique interactive publication was designed to inspire sales houses, clients and agencies with examples of creativity at its best from the world of radio and audio in over 10 markets.


egta snapshot: a practical guide to access services in TV advertising

egta aims to raise awareness amongst its members around advertisers’ new accessibility objectives and to make sure that members are ready to take on the associated challenges. egta launched a survey in March 2022 and conducted interviews with those members who are already able to deliver access services. The aim was to better understand the steps taken and challenges faced when deciding to put these features in place, not just for TV content and programming but for TV advertising too. This report brings together the findings from the survey and interviews and aims to serve as a guide for TV companies wishing to develop their own access services.


egta snapshot on TV companies' YouTube business strategies

The report summarises the results of a survey run by egta across its membership in January 2022. It showcases the various business approaches TV companies take when it comes to monetising broadcaster video content on YouTube. The question of sales operations is also addressed, with a focus on the various sales mechanisms, tools and the degree of control TV companies are able to have over their YouTube inventory. Insights were also gathered on the various revenue share models, pricing structures and sales policies.


egta collection of creative radio & audio campaigns vol. 1

The egta team has released a Collection of Creative Radio and Audio Campaigns to inspire sales houses, clients and agencies with examples of creativity at its best from the world of radio and audio. It draws on the wealth of original and inspiring advertising campaigns from across many markets that egta has collected over the years.


egta insight: Advances in Hybrid TV Audience Measurement (2021 edition)

The report includes an extensive overview of new measurement solutions that can capture viewing beyond the traditional television screen and delivery methods. The report is an updated version of the insight on the same topic published in 09/2020.


egta collection of creative total video campaigns vol. 2

This publication explores creativity at its finest, branded content, navigating the crisis and tech-driven innovations. It provides a complete overview with a description of the case, the creative minds involved in executing the campaign, pricing and package information and campaign results, each with a video clip to illustrate the campaign


egta insight: Voice. Key insights for media companies into an emerging technology

This publication provides an extensive overview of this emerging voice technology and highlights the opportunities that it brings for media owner and their sales house. The report explores the underlying technology and the possibilities and challenges it currently faces. It also provides an overview of the voice landscape, the leading players and platforms, the different devices which comprise the voice ecosystem and the various options on how to create a voice experience.

The publication also includes an extensive overview of recent use cases from the radio and TV industry, together with various ways of monetising voice.



egta insight: Addressable TV. An overview of business strategies for TV companies

The report includes an overview of business strategies around addressable TV solutions. The publication dives into the evolving technology and business cases of addressable TV across various markets. From explaining the fundamentals of the technology and how addressable ads are sold, to 13 concrete interview-based case studies, the publication is full of insights and analysis, addressing challenges, benefits and potential.


egta insight: The future of online advertising without third-party cookies

The report explores the recent initiatives surrounding the progressive elimination of third-party cookies, including Google's Sandbox, IAB's Project Rearc and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Improving Web Advertising’ Business Group. It also reviews the potential impact of these projects on publishers' online media outlets. .


egta insight: VOD/OTT services (Part II). exploiting new monetisation opportunities through better usage of data and ad tech

10/2019 (Updated 04/2020)
egta designed this report to help its members as they consider the need of adopting new data strategies and build their ad tech stacks. This publication is a continuation of egta's previous insight on VOD & OTT services published in 06/2019.


egta insight: advances in audience buying: overview of an industry trend



The main objectives of this publication are first to clearly define what advanced audience buying in the context of TV is, and secondly, to outline potential directions for the future development of audience buying with regards to building a business case and overcoming barriers.




egta collection of creative TV campaigns vol. 1



With this interactive report, egta explores creativity in its various forms and showcase best practice in this area.




GDPR in action. Data protection enforcement is escalating, so be prepared



This note explains why broadcasters should remain vigilant with regard to data protection compliance as enforcement is finally starting to bite and certain practices are coming under regulators’ scrutiny. Keeping track of the latest regulatory developments, revaluating the costs/benefits of data monetisation strategies and involving top management are a few examples of how to make sure that you are keep on top of your data protection responsibilities.




egta insight: VOD/OTT services (Part I). Monetisation opportunities for broadcasters

06/2019 (Updated 04/2020)


This egta Insight provides a comprehensive overview of the OTT/VOD landscape in Europe and beyond, with the focus on existing services, business models and monetisation opportunities. The report is the first part of a two-volume series that egta intends to release in 2019.




egta insight: Podcast monetisation strategies and best practices



This publication offers explanations as well as an overview of factors that drive interest and investments in podcasting. The aim is to help radio broadcasters and sales houses get into the podcast business and successfully produce, promote and monetise their podcast portfolio. The report specifically focuses on the monetisation of podcasts and provides an overview of advertising and direct revenue models illustrated by a few case studies.




egta insight: The revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive. Changes to TV advertising rules



This Insight provides you with an overview and analysis of the most relevant features of the revised AVMSD for sales houses. For each topic we have highlighted what the changes mean for sales houses as well as points that require further monitoring during the implementation process.




egta insight: Online audio monetisation: strategies and tactics



This Insight which provides an overview of the online audio landscape from the product development, monetisation, and data/addressability perspectives.




egta collections: Stronger together: collaborations and alliances in the TV/video ecosystem



The initiatives included in this publication offer a snapshot of some of the latest examples of collaborations between broadcasters both on the national and international level. Together these cases clearly show that television remains a dynamic, forward-thinking and effective advertising medium, that easily embraces the latest technological developments and constantly adapts to the evolving viewers’ behaviours.




egta insight: Advances in Hybrid Television Audience Measurement (3rd edition)



This report examines the evolution of television audience measurement (TAM) as it adapts to today’s changing TV content viewing patterns. The publication also examines the changing media landscape and the incremental shift towards consuming television and other audiovisual content on an increasingly diverse range of screens and devices. It also provides an overview of emerging hybrid measurement techniques and solutions. Moreover, the report offers an update on several national projects for hybrid audiovisual audience measurement, covering those markets that have reached an advanced stage of development.




egta insight: Radio audience measurement in Europe (2nd edition)



This report offers an overview of the methodologies used to measure radio across Europe and is an update of the 2015 edition of this publication. egta’s objective is to give readers a better understanding of the range of techniques and technologies in use, offer insights into the effects of introducing electronic measurement, and outline the key discussions on possible radio audience measurement development scenarios.




egta insight: Radio aggregators


This report is designed to offer radio broadcasters, and the sales houses that represent them, a comprehensive understanding of the type, role and characterisics of online radio aggregators. With aggregators accounting for as much as 80% of some broadcasters' online radio traffic, these platforms are clearly both an important part of the digital audio ecosystem and - in the case of independent, third-party aggregators - a potential barrier to radio growth and diversification.



egta GDPR brief



The brief provides a clear and precise overview of the most important aspects of the GDPR, addressed specifically to sales houses and broadcasters.




egta insight: Making data work for radio


This report is designed to help radio broadcasters and their commercial departments better understand today's data and digital advertising ecosystem. It offers both practical advice and recommendations as well as insights on the technologies and processes that can deliver more advanced audience targeting and enrich the value of audio advertising inventory.



egta insight: Making data work for TV


This report is designed to help television broadcasters and their commercial departments better understand today's data and digital advertising ecosystem. It offers both practical advice and recommendations as well as insights on the technologies and processes that can deliver more advanced audience targeting and enrich the value of video advertising inventory across multiple screens and around both live and on-demand.



egta collections: An egta overview of TV & radio promotion



This collection highlights some of the most effective, engaging and innovative initiatives developed to support television and radio advertising. The majority of these projects are the product of close cooperation, often between competitors on a market and in many cases under the guidance of national trade bodies.




egta insight: Adblocking: strategies for television and radio broadcasters


This document looks at:
» The scale of ad blocking and the financial cost to publishers
» The reasons people deploy ad blockers
» The main forms of ad blocking technologies
» The business models behind ad blocker providers
» Strategies for confronting the challenges of ad blocking
» Legal issues regarding ad blocking



egta insight: Online Audio Hybrid Audience Measurement


This report examines the application of new audience measurement techniques to better understand audio listenership across both terrestrial broadcast and online channels. This report includes updates on developments in France, Germany and the US and features interviews with leading audio audience measurement experts in these countries.



Automated & programmatic marketing. An egta publication on data-driven advertising sales for television & radio 

The objective of this publication is two-fold: firstly, to analyse the environment in which programmatic trading has developed as a powerful marketing concept; and secondly, to provide insights on how broadcasters may apply the underlying principles of programmatic to radio and TV, delivered by both linear and non-linear means.


» Printed versions of both publications are available upon request for all egta members. For non-members, specific conditions can be discussed with Alain Beerens. Please consider that in all cases, shipping costs are to be covered by the recipient. 


Overview and analysis of existing pricing models and trading tools for spot advertising (TV & RADIO) 

egta issued a special compilation on sales & pricing methods currently used by TV and radio advertising sales houses across Europe with a look at what is coming next and the opportunities and challenges behind automated marketing. This publications aims at providing a reference framework to all those who are questioning their current practice and are searching for new ideas with regards to inventory management, revenue optimisation and improved sales practices.


» Printed versions of both publications are available upon request for all egta members. For non-members, specific conditions can be discussed with Alain Beerens. Please consider that in all cases, shipping costs are to be covered by the recipient.

 Guidelines & other documents

TV Glossary (by The Global TV Group)



The Glossary includes a comprehensive overview of definitions from the TV ecosystem. Its aim is to provide you with an extensive overview of frequently used international terminology in our TV ecosystem – offering a clear explanation for each of them – and making it easier for all players to understand, sell and buy television advertising.







egta TV Charter. Raising the bar: towards a fully transparent, measurable and accountable TV/video ecosystem



egta and The Global TV Group adopt TV Charter which sets higher standards with regards to measurability, transparency of data and accountability than any other medium. The Charter was adopted by a vast majority of egta’s 155 member sales houses active in over 42 countries, as well as by notable industry trade bodies such as Screenforce (DE, AT, CH, FI, NL), Thinkbox (UK), ThinkTV (AU/CA) and the VAB (US) which comprise The Global TV Group. The set of simple principles aims to raise the bar with regards to measurability, transparency of data and accountability and defines first-time measurement standards for the entire TV industry. It serves as a reminder that TV’s premium environment – both on-air and online – already meets the legitimate demands from advertisers for brand safety, transparency and access to verified data, as outlined in the Global Media Charter, published by the World Federation of Advertisers in 2018.





egta guidelines for the future of audiovisual audience measurement



egta believes it is important not only to contribute to the debate about the evolution of audience measurement tools - and as a result, of planning and trading currencies, but it is crucial to allow broadcasters and their sales house to drive change and lay the foundations for any future solution. The guidelines are the result of working group meetings, communications with members as well as discussions with industry partners.







Post-event reports from egta's past study trips (TV & RADIO)

egta publishes post-event reports from its various Study Trips. These documents are available upon request for all egta members.
Please contact Yuri Loburets (for radio) and Anne-Laure Dreyfus (for TV) should you wish to access the reports.




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