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About egta

What is egta?


egta is a non-profit association (aisbl under Belgian law) based in Brussels that represents the interests of television and radio sales houses.


In other words…


egta is the European trade body for marketers of advertising solutions across mulitple screens and audio platforms, with the aim to help its members protect, grow and diversify their business around content edited and broadcast on a linear basis by their TV channels and radio stations.



Who are egta’s members?


egta's members are sales houses that commercialise the advertising space of both private and public TV and radio channels throughout Europe and beyond. egta’s strength lies in the diversity of its members: they are independent sales houses or commercial departments within a broadcaster's structure. They include large companies in major markets and medium-sized companies in smaller markets.


You can find a full list of egta’s members here



A bit of history?


At the time of its foundation in 1974, EGTA stood for the European Group of Television Advertising, and the association’s membership consisted of public television sales houses only (it had been created with the support of the European Broadcasting Union).


During the 1980s, as television stations started to be privatised throughout Europe (for example TF1 in 1987), EGTA opened its doors to private television sales houses and developed into a trade association that sought to provide benchmarking for broadcasters across Europe. Since then, membership has grown from about 20 members to about 141 to date.


egta’s broadened its scope in 2002 with the creation of a new radio department, and in 2004, for its 30th anniversary, the association was re-branded. The association’s name was changed from EGTA to egta, maintaining a strong brand that had achieved considerable awareness within European decision-making spheres, and the tag-line was changed to the association of television and radio sales houses.


Key dates:


  • 1974 creation of egta for television sales houses
  • 1990 adoption of egta's first statutes
  • 1999 egta welcomes its first non-European partner
  • 2002 opening of egta to radio sales houses
  • 2004 change of egta name and logo: from the acronym: EGTA: European Group of Television Advertising to the brand name egta: association of television and radio sales houses
  • 2007 egta reaches 100-member threshold
  • 2014 egta celebrates its 40th anniversary with 130 members in 38 countries


In figures:


egta’s TV members represent over 75% of the European television advertising market, whilst egta radio members collect 50% of radio advertising revenues in countries where they are active.

  • 94 member television advertising sales houses in Europe
  • 47 member radio advertising sales houses in Europe
  • 14 non-European members (7 TV, 3 Radio and 4 both TV & Radio)
  • 40 European countries (incl. 7 non-European countries)
  • More than 2,000 people working in sales houses across Europe and beyond who are in regular contact with egta and hundreds who attend our meetings over the course of each year
  • 12 events (meetings/conferences/dedicated workshops) per year


egta's objectives & mission statement:


It is egta’s role to assist and empower television and radio sales houses in their efforts to monetise audio and/or audiovisual content through advertising solutions, regardless of the device or platform it appears on.



egta’s objectives are threefold:


to address the needs of advertising sales houses, whether individual or common, to help them secure, develop and/or diversify their revenues

to work hand in hand both with the European institutions and with all actors of the advertising industry to help build a promising future for commercial communications in a fast-changing technological environment


This is achieved through three type of services:


1. Networking
2. Public & Regulatory Affairs
3. Knowledge Base
If you have questions about any of the services egta provides, please feel free to contact the team.

About us

The reference centre for audiovisual advertising sales houses


egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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