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General overview
Welcome to egta website!
This Privacy Policy applies to your use of egta Website, including all its subpages (collectively referred to herein below as the “Website”).
To better protect your privacy, we provide this page explaining our online information practices. We encourage all users to read this page carefully as it offers a complete overview of what information about you we collect, how we use this data, and whether or not it is shared with other parties.
Website administrator
This website is administrated by egta – association of television and radio sales houses (established Rue des Comédiens 22, boîte 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, VAT: BE 0446526830).
For the purposes of this document, we use any of the terms “egta”, “we”, “us”, and “our” to refer to owner/administrator of this website.
By accessing or using any of the sections of this Website, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy as well as our Website Terms and Conditions.
Accordingly, if you no longer accept any of the above-mentioned documents (in full or in parts), you must cease using egta Website.
Please note that we may change these terms and conditions from time to time at our sole discretion. Any revised terms and conditions will be applicable at the time of posting on egta Website. Please ensure that you review these terms and conditions regularly as you will be deemed to have accepted a variation of this document if you continue to use our Website after it has been posted.
We use the term “User” to refer to all visitors of our website and users of our services.
We use any of the terms “you”, “your” and “yours” to refer to the User who is reading this Privacy Policy.
Guest users
A “Guest User” is a website visitor who does not have an active account on egta Website.
Registered users
While many parts of egta Website are open to general public, access to certain services / sections is restricted to Registered Users.
A “Registered User” is:
a)    An employee of an egta member company, who can access restricted content according to his company’s membership.
b)    An employee of a non-member company or organisation (or self-employed individual), who is exceptionally granted access to specific materials by egta team.
If you have an egta account you will be issued with a unique login and password to enable you to access restricted areas of our Website.
By maintaining a registered account with egta, you agree that:
a)    Your account and password are personal and may not be used by anyone else to access egta Website.
b)    You will not engage in any actions aimed at assisting anyone, who is not a registered user, to gain unauthorized access to the restricted content included on the website.
c)    You will not create registration accounts for the purpose of abusing the functionality of the site, or other users, nor will you seek to pass himself/herself off as another user.
d)    You will notify egta immediately after becoming aware of any unauthorised use of your account identifiers by unauthorized parties.
Non-personal data
We monitor non-personal information collected through our server log files and Google Analytics*.
We use this information to monitor:
a)    the number of downloads of documents published on our Website,
b)    the use of keywords in our Website’s search engine,
c)     as well as to keep track of the number of visitors on the Website, most popular pages, operating system, and browser type. This data helps us to improve our website and enhance your browsing experience.
Please note that we use Google Analytics to provide us with analysis on Website traffic, pages views, etc. We only do so with your consent (given on the first pop-up message when entering the website); if you want to withdraw consent, you can always do so using the “My cookie consent” link placed on the top of the page.
* For more information regarding cookies, please refer to part 6.
Personal data
We use the term “Personal Data” as understood by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation).
Personal data that we process about guest users may include data associated with registration for egta event. We do not process personal data that is not proactively provided by guest users.
Personal data that we process about registered users usually include, but is not restricted to: you name and last name, position within your company, company name, e-mail address, direct phone (landline and/or mobile).
We collect this information through:
a)    Communication Strategy documents (list of contacts) provided by our member companies.
b)    Event registration forms.
c)     Mailing subscription form.
d)    Individual user requests.
e)    Publicly available sources.
We use this personal data:
a)    To provide you with relevant business communication resulting from direct contracts between egta and our member companies (e.g. mailings)
b)    For operational purposes as an integral part of egta services (such as organisation of events).
In order to process this personal data, we rely either on consent or on legitimate interest, depending on the type of data and purpose of data collection. Please note that we will always inform you about the extent and purpose of collecting, storing and processing of such information.
When processing personal data on the basis of consent, we will inform you before processing any personal data as required by law. You will always have an easy way to withdraw consent by sending us an email at [email protected] or (in case of egta mailings) by visiting our mailings subscription page. Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any time.
Legitimate interest

When processing personal data on the basis of legitimate interest, we will inform you of your rights either at the point of collection of the information or through our contact points with you across the website such as your profile section as a registered user and this privacy policy.
“Legitimate Interests” means the interests of our organisation in conducting and managing our business.
Our services may include, for example, organising an event that you will be participating in or sending you information on egta activities that are tailored to your interests.
When you register to an event, we may use your personal data as a controller for activities, such as (but not restricted to) circulating event-related materials. These materials (participants lists, photos and videos of the) are available to event participants and egta members. Participants to the event may include egta member companies and potential members, egta staff, external speakers and sponsors. We can also use this data for logistical purposes (booking travel and accommodation where appropriate).
When we process your personal information for our legitimate interests, we make sure to consider and balance any potential impact that this may have. You have the right to object to this processing, however, this may result in us being unable to provide our service. You also have the right to request what kind of information we have on you, to object to the storage of this information or to modifications thereof. To activate any of these rights, please contact us at [email protected].
We apply different retention periods to the personal data we hold, depending on the purpose for which we use this data and the relevance of our legitimate interest. If you are employed by a member company of egta, we usually store your personal data either until you leave your company, until your company terminates its membership with us, or until you request us to stop processing your personal data.
Please note that you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
We put in place reasonable security measures (electronic and physical) to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Rest assured that egta continuously works to ensure that your privacy interests are protected.
How to access, modify or delete your personal data?
You may always choose not to provide the requested information, but in doing so we may be unable to provide the communication, application or service you request.
All users (guest and registered users) can ask us to access, modify or delete their personal information retained by egta by contacting our team at [email protected].
If you are a registered user (please see point 4) you can, at any time:
a)    Terminate your account:
  • by clicking on Delete Account button in the Settings section associated to your profile or
  • sending an email to [email protected];
b)    Modify your account details (such as: password, company name, position within the company, phone number, assistant’s contact information, mailing subscription), by:
  • accessing the Settings section associated to your profile or
  • sending an email to [email protected].
Please note that egta reserves rights to modify the e-mail address associated to user’s account as a part of modifications following application of an updated lists of contacts provided by egta member companies (“Communication Strategy”). Users, whose accounts have been affected by such changes, will be notified by the egta team.
Does our Website use cookies?
Our website uses cookie information to personalise your viewing experience.
Cookies used on perform two functions:
a) Some cookies are essential for the operation of our website and its subpages. These concern:
  • Session cookies used to maintain user session open in the browser; they expire when you close your browser.
  • Other cookies used to identify the user and ensure the user can log to the website. These cookies so not gather information about you or your online behaviour and cannot be used for any marketing purposes.
We recommend our users not to disable these cookies as it might affect their browsing experience (e.g. you will have to re-log in to your account while changing pages or you will not be able to download documents in restricted areas).
b)    We also use performance and analytics cookies (linked to Google Analytics service) to know how visitors use our Website so that we can improve its performance and their browsing experience. Please note that data collected through these cookies is anonymous and cannot be attributed to you personally. These performance and analytics cookies are always used with your prior consent, which can be withdrawn at all time here using the “My cookie consent” functionality at the top of the page. Please find Google Analytics’s privacy policy here.
You can prevent cookies from being installed on your browser by:
a)    Clicking “I do not agree” button on the cookie notice pop-up appearing on egta Website (only applies to the Google analytic cookie); or
b)    By changing your browser settings so that cookies from this website cannot be placed on your computer or mobile device.
Our website includes links to external resources as well as social media networks (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and While visiting or sharing content through these third-party platforms, you are subject to their privacy policies and egta is not responsible for measures taken by these external services.
For more information, please refer to the services privacy and cookie policies:
a)    Facebook’s privacy page and cookie policy
b)    Linkedin’s privacy policy and cookie policy
c)    Twitter’s privacy policy and cookie policy
d)’s privacy policy

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