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WideOrbit is the leading provider of advertising management technology for cable networks, local television stations and radio stations. More than 3,000 broadcasters and networks - including 69% of US commercial TV stations and 17 of the top 50 cable networks by viewership - leverage WideOrbit solutions to streamline operations, maximize revenue from traditional, digital and programmatic channels, and extend their business across distribution platforms. WideOrbit is headquartered in San Francisco with offices across the United States as well as in London, Paris, and Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Presentations given at egta's events


Managing the advertising business: from traditional media models to the any time and any device automated future - IT Users Fair TV, Brussels, 10 December 2014



Managing the Advertising Business: From traditional models to the automated future - egta AGM 2015 - Budapest, 21 & 22 May 2015


WO Programmatic TV

General Information


Access new demand sources and control inventory.


Maximize inventory value by enabling brands and agencies to make programmatic offers that arrive directly in station traffic systems. WideOrbit’s programmatic marketplace keeps broadcasters in control of pricing, approvals and relationships.


Specifications/compatibility requirements


Browser based buyer console or API. Seller access requires WO Traffic.


Characteristics differentiating this product/service from others available on the market


  • Increase Revenue by receiving and accepting new demand
  • Maintain control of inventory - "Seller controlled environment"
  • Easy to execute - direct integration with WO Traffic
  • Direct access for media buyers to purchase local television advertising throughout the United States

WO Programmatic Digital

General Information

WO Programmatic Digital enables programmatic sales of display, mobile, video, native and streaming audio inventory. Our solution helps publishers optimize yields by creating a fair marketplace for buyers and sellers and eliminating inefficient, silo-based trading.

Specifications/compatibility requirements

 Display, mobile, video, native and streaming audio inventory to sell programmatically

Characteristics differentiating this product/service from others available on the market

  • Optimize yields with user-level dynamic floor pricing
  • Remove inefficient silos with header bidding
  • Enable flexible campaign delivery
  • Creative management, date, time and audience behavior, to optimize inventory by audience segment.

WO Automation for Radio

General Information

Today’s distributed operations demand a strong, flexible, and easy-to-use radio automation system to keep stations sounding great around the clock. WO Automation for Radio makes it easy to run multiple markets from any location while addressing the unique needs of every station department.

Our solution helps stations manage and broadcast revenue-generating content while reducing operations costs and simplifying workflow.

Specifications/compatibility requirements
Traffic System required

Characteristics differentiating this product/service from others available on the market

  • WO Traffic Integration
  • Reduce costs and centralize operations
  • Increase efficiency of stations and groups
  • Enhanced MusicMaster Integration

WO Digital Hub

WO Media Sales

WO Traffic

WO Analytics


Ad exchange

Programmatic & automated trading

Inventory / media management & optimisation

Cross-media monetization

Data management / providers

Content & traffic management/scheduling

Analysis & research

Supply-side platform (SSP)


Don Durand

SVP International Sales and Product

[email protected]

+1 720 228 2140


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The reference centre for audiovisual advertising sales houses


egta is the Brussels-based trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond.

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