egta Insight: Advances in audience buying. Overview of an industry trend


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About the report

The main objectives of this publication are first to clearly define what advanced audience buying in the context of TV is, and secondly, to outline potential directions for the future development of audience buying with regards to building a business case and overcoming barriers.

The publication addresses the expectations of advertisers with regards to TV and video buying. More specifically, their outlook on better targeting, audience segmentation and ad effectiveness tracking. Next to this, it outlines the current definitions in the various markets when it comes to addressable and audience buying.

The report digs deeper into how the current TV buying model works and how adding additional layers of data to audience planning will impact this process. It also addresses the advantages and pitfalls of audience-based buying for each party involved – advertisers, agencies, and broadcasters. It examines in detail OpenAP, the television industry’s first open platform for cross-publisher audience targeting and independent posting, outlining the advantages and future roadmap. Furthermore, the publication deals with building a business case and selling advanced audience buying to the market, the barriers which need to be addressed. The main strategies and tactics to overcome these barriers are addressed are also the focus of this report.