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Discover our latest research publications and reports, providing comprehensive insights into the trends and topics shaping the operations of multiplatform TV and audio companies today. From audience measurement and automation to artificial intelligence and creative innovations, our reports offer valuable perspectives and analyses. Dive into our full catalogue of insightful reports.

This publication delves into the early impacts, opportunities, and strategic integration of AI for multiplatform TV businesses.

This comprehensive report provides an overview of best practices and the latest developments in radio audience measurement.

This extensive report provides an overview of best practices and key developments in TV measurement around the world, serving as an update to our previously published Advances in Hybrid Television Audience Measurement from June 2021.

The report gathers examples of technical solutions developed to automate the buying and selling process across various radio markets, including Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US. It highlights the challenges, best practices and lessons learnt to help pave the way to make radio easier to buy.

The collection explores creativity and collaboration, and highlights TV’s potential as a force for good, with many campaigns aimed at promoting positive change, such as defending human rights and promoting sustainable practices.

This unique interactive publication was designed to inspire sales houses, clients and agencies with examples of creativity at its best from the world of radio and audio in over 10 markets.

egta aims to raise awareness around accessibility objectives among its members. egta launched a survey in March 2022 and conducted interviews with those members who are already able to deliver access services. This report brings together the findings from the survey and interviews and aims to serve as a guide for TV companies wishing to develop their own access services.

The publication explores various YouTube business strategies for TV companies, gives an an overview of the main market trends, different revenue share models, pricing structures, sales policies and more.

The publication explores branded content, sponsorship, new platforms, as well as radio as an amplifier in the media mix. In short: creativity at its finest.

The collection explores creativity at its finest, branded content, navigating the crisis and tech-driven innovations. While the cases in this publication have been categorised into different sections, they are often multifaceted and bridge more than one category.

The publication provides you with an extensive overview of this emerging technology and inspire you to consider the opportunities it brings for media owner and their sales house.

The report includes an overview of business strategies around addressable TV solutions. From explaining the fundamentals of the technology and how addressable ads are sold, to 13 case studies, the publication is full of insights and analysis, addressing challenges, benefits and potential.

The document highlights the many ways broadcasters can benefit from data and innovation in the context of their streaming offers and overall digital propositions.

This report dives deeper into the landscape of OTT/VOD services across Europe and beyond. It focuses on existing services, business models and monetisation opportunities in the video streaming space.

This publication aims at defining what advanced audience buying in the context of TV is, and outlining potential directions for the future development of audience buying with regards to building a business case and overcoming barriers.

With this interactive report, egta explores creativity in its various forms and showcase best practice from over 40 markets. The publication presents examples of campaigns, ad formats, sales offers and solutions showcasing both client-centric and tech-driven creativity.

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