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Located in Brussels, our EU Affairs team is strategically positioned to represent our members’ diverse needs and interests, facilitating communication between their policy teams and decision-makers at the European Institutions. Our mission is to guide our members through regulatory frameworks and legal matters as they evolve, offering support at both national and European levels.

Through our unique network of experts, we foster collaboration and engage with policymakers, driving our industry forward through cooperation and alignment. egta’s EU Affairs team closely monitors debates around advertising issues at the EU level and proactively shapes strategies on EU initiatives that may impact multiplatform TV and audio. From issuing press releases and position papers, we ensure our members’ voices are heard. We keep members informed and updated through our regular European Affairs Group meetings, where we discuss policy issues impacting multiplatform TV and audio businesses.

Stay updated on policy developments such as the DMA and AVMS Directive through our press reviews and regular meetings, both online and in person. Have a policy-related question? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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Contributing to the green transition is one of egta’s members’ priorities. We support a simplified, coherent, and harmonised approach to environmental advertising regulations that promote transparency and responsible practices within the broadcasting sector that would not lead to greenhushing.

We believe that the co-legislators should first and foremost consider how the EMFA would benefit the media landscape as opposed to introducing new provisions and/or restrictions that would place an additional burden on media actors. Each article should be assessed on the direct or indirect impact that it would have on a diverse and democratic media.

This paper puts forward recommendations to ensure the DSA maintains the goals of the proposal while safeguarding the advertising-funded model of TV and radio broadcasters.

egta welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a Digital Markets Act (DMA) and its principle-based approach imposing obligations and prohibitions to designated gatekeepers. To ensure this horizontal regulation can benefit television and radio sales houses, we call for a number of provisions to be addressed in the proposal.