egta Insight: Addressable TV. An overview of business strategies for TV companies


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About the report

While addressable TV can be very profitable for broadcasters, it also presents several challenges from the tech, business, and legal points of view. Staying relevant means that publishers must build a comprehensive tech stack to harness the power of data as well as to control and monetise their video inventory effectively. It often requires large investments of resources and new infrastructure. It also calls for new ways of thinking about their commercial proposition to ensure that both parts of their offer – classical and data-driven – work in harmony and not against each other. egta has compiled this insight to help its member sales houses as they consider the need to develop targeted ad products. The report is a comprehensive compendium of knowledge for both: companies who already offer advanced addressable solutions as well as those who take their first steps in this market segment.

The report highlights the many ways in which addressable ads can be delivered. It also focuses on how addressable campaigns are commercialised. The document provides an overview of the addressable ecosystem and the different types of companies who sell such products. It also explores the numerous possible formats of addressable campaigns and how they can be monetised. The report explains the pricing systems used by TV companies to commercialise such products. Furthermore, it explores the various challenges linked to inventory and yield management in the addressable context. The publication also provides an analysis of the main challenges related to the measurement and reporting of addressable campaigns. The analysis has been enriched with a series of interviews and business cases from broadcasters, an ad tech provider, and a measurement company – all aiming at showcasing monetisation practices and market trends related to addressable TV.