Accelerate Innovation by Fujifilm


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General information

Sector: Electronics

Media: Radio, podcast, digital

Time period: March – May 2021 and December 2021 – February 2022

Case description

Fujifilm wanted to position itself as a high-tech brand for medical imaging instruments. Atresmedia, therefore, developed a brand-building campaign to promote and explore various scientific advances with a subtle yet effective intervention from the Fujifilm brand.

The campaign consisted of a series of 10 podcasts that feature reports and interviews with leading scientists from different fields. The focus being how the pandemic accelerated innovation and the adoption of new technologies and procedures in the healthcare field in Spain. Special attention was paid to the sound quality.

To boost the visibility of the campaign, a radio + digital multimedia campaign was designed with incorporated advertising and content integrations. On top of the branded podcast there were also related branded news on web, branded news on air, radio spots, live mentions and social media posts.

Creative minds and campaign executors

The campaign was a collaborative development in which the commercial department, the content department and the technical team each played its role. No creative agency was involved in the process.

Pricing and package

Atresmedia packaged the campaign as a new commercial offer for branded content.

Campaign results

The client returned for a second campaign, while initially the purchase was only for a series of 6 podcasts. The campaign’s success has allowed Atresmedia to bill a new client for the medium of radio. Fujifilm’s healthcare division would never have considered a conventional radio campaign otherwise.