New player on the energy market successfully positions itself through sponsorship


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General information

Sector: Energy

Media: Radio, Social media

Time period: Summer 2020, February 2022

Case description

Bolt is the first green energy platform that aims to make the Belgian power grid sustainable. Via Bolt, people can buy their energy directly from local, green energy providers. The client wanted to raise awareness and build their brand – they worked with Var to do this through two campaigns.

The first was a sponsorship with Camping Belgica during the summer programme of StuBru radio in 2020. Bolt provided a mobile solar park to fuel the StuBru campsite. The aim was to show that it is possible to fuel festivals with alternative green power. The second collaboration was a fun campaign, ‘De Wekker van StuBru’ (‘The Alarm Clock of StuBru’). Listeners needed to guess which famous Flemish person they heard imitating the alarm clock sound in the morning show. The winner got 5 years’ worth of free green energy from Bolt. Together with the radio host the winner then went on to visit the green energy providers who explained how they supply the green energy via Bolt.

Creative minds and campaign executors

This project was a cooperation between the creative partnerships department and the marketing department of Studio Brussels.

Pricing and package

The budget was a combination of the price of the audioboards linked to the radio campaign and the game, with the different items online and on social media (including a dedicated page on the website, coverage on social media, a video about the price, etc.)

Campaign results

“The cheerfulness of Fien Germijns, radio host of the ‘De Ochtend’ on Studio Brussel, gives the necessary dynamic to our campaign ‘De Wekker van StuBru’ and goes hand in hand with the positive energy that Bolt is known for,” said Co-founder & CEO of Bolt – Pieterjan Verhaeghen

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