Raising awareness about bullying in Spanish society


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General information

Sector: FMCG

Media: Linear TV, radio, online, cinema

Time period: 24 Jan –13 Feb 2022

Case description

ColaCao has been concerned since its origins, in 1945, with the physical, intellectual and emotional growth of the little ones in the house. Under this premise, the brand decided to create the ColaCao Foundation, with the mission to fight against bullying at school. The campaign shows real cases of bullying featuring famous people from a variety of different sectors.

ColaCao partnered with Atresmedia to raise awareness about bullying in Spanish society, and to encourage people to open up about this topic that all too often goes unspoken. For this purpose, ColaCao Foundation and the Consejo Superior de Deportes (a government agency) created a documentary ‘Somos Únicxs: las caras del bullying’ (“We are Unique: the faces of bullying”). In the documentary film, famous Spanish sports personalities speak to the camera about their experience with bullying and explain how sports promoted safety, empathy and companionship in their lives – three factors that are important for overcoming situations of bullying.

The documentary was shown in a special cinema screening to promote the launch of the film and raise awareness of the initiative and its objectives.

The documentary was also promoted through Atresmedia channels – live TV, radio, online – and was also made available to watch on VOD platforms, La Sexta and Atresplayer.

Campaign results

The cross media campaign managed to reach a high number of people over a period of 3 weeks. More specifically, it reached 29,3 million people on Atresmedia’s TV channels and almost 700,000 people watched the live broadcast of the documentary. In overall terms, it fetched a total of 183 million contacts on Atres’ digital platforms (TV, radio, online & multimedia).

Campaign video