Multiplatform campaign to fight bullying


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General information

Sector: Beauty & Hygiene

Media: Linear TV, online

Time period: 1 Feb – 7 Mar 2022

Case description

Bullying is a problem that affects all of us and we can all be part of the solution. Under this premise, Head & Shoulders (H&S) and Atresmedia launched the “Stop Bullying” campaign. An innovative initiative that focuses not on the bully itself but rather on the observer – a person who is watching everything from the sidelines and is considered to be the key to preventing bullying.

With the slogan “Don’t just watch, stop bullying, act with your head”, H&S collaborated with LookSchool (an organisation whose mission is to inform people about the topic and prevent bullying) and developed a training programme for schools. The aim of the training was to encourage students, teachers and parents to stop being spectators and take an active role in situations of bullying.

Three well-known spokespersons: Ricky Rubio (a Spanish basketball player), Marta Pombo (an influencer and brand ambassador), and Ibai Llanos (a famous streamer and communicator) became ambassadors of this campaign and were spreading the knowledge through their social networks.

The messages of the H&S “Stop Bullying” campaign were communicated on AtresmediaTV and online channels in various forms: pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls on Atre’s streaming platforms, social media messages under all its forms, new coverage through Atres’ various assets and qualitative content integration in programmes related to the topics.

This anti-bullying initiative came to live through a unique collaboration between advertiser, agency and media publisher – H&S, Carat and Atres respectively.

Campaign results

H&S together with Atresmedia managed to reach wide audiences and raise awareness around the problem. 90.6 million contacts have been achieved on TV, 3.9 million on digital and 4.4 million on social media, across the one-month time span of the campaign. The training program was a big success with 92 schools from all over Spain participating in it just in one month.

Campaign video