Igniting a brand with adsmart: addressable TV


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General information

Sector: Home & Garden

Media: Linear TV

Time period: 2019 – 2022 (4 years)

Case description

Homefire is a smokeless coal, fire log and firewood manufacturer and supplier that has been around for 30 years but had never previously advertised on TV before. From a consumer point of view, it existed purely as a product on shelves across the UK with no associated branding. Subsequently, the challenge Homefire faced was that it had lots of physical presence, but no mental availability – so it needed to create an identity and an emotional connection with the brand.

After creating new packaging and a brand identity, Homefire wanted to generate mass awareness, product recognition and ultimately drive sales. But, understandably, the new-to-TV brand wanted to minimise spend and maximise ROI to test TV’s effectiveness for the business’ objectives. Having a fairly specific audience, Homefire only wanted to reach its potential buyers and minimise wastage, which made AdSmart from Sky the perfect partner to test TV and deliver on the marketing objectives.

Using Sky’s insight and data, AdSmart were able to build an ideal audience profile of Mosaic types for Homefire matching those customers that were more likely to respond to the TV advert. They targeted homes and individuals either most likely to have a wood-burning stove or homes that are off-grid. Then, through Sky Analytics, Homefire was able to test and learn at each stage of their AdSmart campaign making sure it was working for them and meaning they could very quickly scale it up as the business continued to grow.

Spark Media delivered the creatives with a relatively small budget and CNS Media were the chosen Media Agency. The campaign was put together and tailored by the AdSmart from Sky Local & Development team at Sky Media.

Campaign results

The campaign results have gone from strength to strength for the business. Homefire has now been running TV campaigns on AdSmart for four years and each year the short-term ROI has been self-funding. Not only did the AdSmart campaign attract new customers but by reaching only those households that mattered to the brand, they retained those customers.

In the early days of their campaign, Homefire saw a 4:1 ROI which has now steadily risen to an impressive 10:1 ROI for its 2022 TV campaign. Moreover, a key avenue for Homefire’s revenue generation is its direct-to-consumer sales from its website, and since they started their AdSmart journey, the website’s worth has increased from £200k to £10m.

Campaign video