Increasing the effect of radio with systematic testing


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General information

Sector: Media

Media: Radio, VOD

Time period: 2021

Case description

Strim is a Norwegian streaming service that has established itself in its local market as a provider that gathers TV channels and streaming services in one place, making it easier for viewers to find the content they are looking for. Operating in a competitive TV market that has undergone major changes in recent years, Strim wanted to run a campaign that would describe well their product range, build the brand and increase subscriptions.

Radio was chosen as the main medium together with commercials and sponsorships on TV, with the goal of informing and activate consumers to visit and test the streaming service.

Thorough testing of the radio campaign

To maximise the effect of the radio campaign and to analyse the impact, the radio spots were tested by the analytical software company Penetrace. The results were then actively used to adjust the commercials throughout the campaign.

The very first test showed that the radio spots received high attention. Strim as a brand was distinct and the message was, according to the results from Penetrace, relevant to listeners. However, the test also showed a significantly high level of receivers that disliked the ads and even found them annoying. Based on these results, Strim continued working on the composition of the ads to increase the perceived positive association to the brand. This was done by using relatable humour from everyday situations.

After tweaking and developing the concept further, a second test was made showing a significantly higher liking of the new radio spots. Strim’s identity received notably better results. During the second radio campaign pulse, Strim decreased the investment by almost 50%, and results were still impressive.

The sender ID went up from 63% to 74%. The spots were perceived as entertaining and received high scores in other important areas that would indicate an increased brand awareness and higher level of intended product testing.

Creative minds and campaign executors

Viaplay, Strim, Penetrace analytical company, Los & Co advertising agency

Campaign results

“Since the launch, and especially since utilizing broadcast media in the summer of 2021, we have had fantastic results. The main goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and increased product testing. We have succeeded in both,” said Ida Svele, Marketing Director at Strim. The overall campaign results lead to increased traffic to and lower Cost per order (CPO) which decreased by almost 50% from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022. From 1 April 2021 to 1 April 2022, traffic to the streaming service increased by 158.6%.

The campaign was also very cost-effective. Even with a significantly lower budget, Strim’s radio spots have yielded significantly better results compared to the average. By using the insight and the intricate parameters from the tests, the creatives were adjusted and improved the campaign’s costeffectiveness, maximising the outcome of the radio investment.

By testing and adapting along the way, Strim successfully created a humorous concept associated with the challenges of finding content across TV and streaming suppliers. The campaign was not only recognised by listeners, as Strim and the advertising agency Los & Co. were awarded the Sølvmikken (Norwegian radio award celebrating great creative concepts) for best radio ad in February 2022.