Successfully conveying car brand’s adventurous spirit


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General information

Sector: Automotive

Media: Linear TV, VOD

Time period: January – February 2022 (9 weeks)

Case description

The programme Sergio Over De Grens follows renowned three-Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman on his journey around the world, to discover new flavours, new cultures, new countries and new friends. Although Sergio is open-minded, curious and renowned worldwide, he had not actually travelled that much himself. So, DPG set him up for a weekly adventure – He drove Landrover’s newest car through the roads of Italy, Morocco, Spain, Lapland, Faroe Islands, Italy, Greece, and The Netherlands, discovering the local culture and gastronomy.

The creative teams of Geronimo and DPG Media worked together to look for the best possible partner for the format and Geronimo has put forward Land Rover because of the many opportunities to integrate the brand in this programme. For a client like Land Rover, looking for an inspiring format that aligns the brand with exciting concepts like travelling and exploration, Sergio Over De Grens was the perfect fit. Before this partnership, Land Rover only booked classic TV campaigns with DPG, this was the first time they worked with product placement and billboards around a TV format on DPG channels.

The programme sent Sergio ‘on the road’, embarking on dazzling journeys with his famous friends. What better way to organically integrate a recognised brand such as Land Rover – a car brand with the same tough spirit and taste for luxury as Sergio Herman himself?

The Land Rover vehicle – raw and bold in its design – was the perfect travel mate for Sergio and his friends throughout the entire journey, while the format served as a truly authentic and vibrant on-screen showroom for the car.

From the comfort of the driving experience and the adventurous overnight stay in the car’s extendable rooftop tent to drifting through the dramatic desert landscape, the show was able to convey all of the most appealing aspects of the car and the brand. It all came together thanks to the integration in the adventurous and entertaining Sergio Over De Grens show.

Campaign results

This initiative resulted in an average of 28% market share on the television network in Flanders. Land Rover got a very good ROI for this campaign, due to the beautiful shots of the organic brand implementation, but also due to the inclusion of key features of the car, as well as some clever and activating scenic brand integrations.

The client also saw a significant uplift in test drive bookings for the Defender during and shortly after the programme, with clear references to the programme as a traffic driver from prospects.

en though this kind of partnership asks a lot of organisation on the advertiser’s side, because the right car always needs to be at the right place in different locations in the world, the client decided to go for a 2nd collaboration around the next season of the format!

Campaign video