Cross-Media Campaign drives awareness and store traffic for Lidl


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General information

Sector: Retail/FMCG

Media: Radio, TV, online

Time period: November – December 2021

Case description

Major European retailer, Lidl, wanted to promote and increase awareness of its Deluxe product range, drive in-store traffic and convince French consumers to opt for their Deluxe products for the Christmas holidays. Lidl decided to collaborate with TF1 Live and Unify to meet their objectives and offer an innovative marketing strategy to the general public.

UNIFY brings together the digital activities of the TF1 group (excluding OTT and Replay TV) and in particular the Marmiton brand, whose website is the leader for cooking and recipes in France. Associating this brand with Lidl’s Deluxe products was, therefore, a way of guaranteeing that the brand was recognised in the culinary world and amongst cooking enthusiasts.

The marketing strategy consisted of proving the quality of Lidl products, through the pre-spot “Ad’vise By” recommendations both on TV and radio, and to integrate Lidl Deluxe into the shopping habits of Marmitons during the winter holiday period.

The TV campaign on TF1 ran from 30th November to 25th December 2021 – 4 “Ad’Vise By” of 4 seconds were produced (chocolate cake, snails, scallops and foie-gras) and 28 spots of 24 seconds were broadcast.

The radio campaign ran almost simultaneously – 14 spots of 35 seconds in VIP Solo – exclusive ad break – were broadcast for 3 weeks on “Les Indés Radios”, a group of 130 local and regional radio stations, covering 95% of the French population. For this radio campaign, 5 “Ad’vise By” of 5 seconds were produced.

In order to intensify the TV and radio campaign, TF1 Live and Unify decided to integrate LIDL Deluxe products into all Marmiton channels during the end-of-year holidays thanks to the integration of LIDL brand recipes, the promotion of products by influencers, the addition of LIDL to the recipes most consulted by Marmitons, or the activation of Marmiton social networks, followed by millions of French people (3 million fans on Facebook and 832K followers on Instagram).

Campaign results

Marmiton’s strong brand image clearly strengthened the impact of the TV and radio campaign, with good performances across all media including social. The TV campaign generated nearly 130 GRP ind 25-59 yo and more than 33M contacts ind 25-59 yo over the 4 weeks of broadcast. The Radio campaign had the same success, with more than 35 GRP ind 25-59 yo and 10M contacts on the core target.

The objectives concerning Marmiton brand activations were largely exceeded. On social, there were more than 500,000 impressions on influencers’ stories, Instagram TV and carousel posts, nearly 300,000 views on Marmiton’s Instagram and Facebook stories and nearly 65,000 page views on brand recipes on the Marmiton website, visited mainly on mobile (57%).