The most tender birthday of the year with Milka


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General information

Sector: FMCG

Media: Radio, online audio, social media, kronehit’s website, livestream on microsite, brand ambassadors

Time period: April-June 2021

Case description

In 2021, the famous chocolate brand Milka wanted to celebrate its birthday and 120 years of tenderness by giving back to its consumers. For an appropriate celebration, kronehit’s creative team and Milka’s creative & media agencies worked on a multi-facet plan with music as the centrepiece.

First, a virtual concert with the popular Austrian singer Julian Le Play was livestreamed on the Milka website on 24th April as well as broadcast live on kronehit radio, presented by Meinrad Knapp, kronehit’s morning show host. The event was promoted beforehand on radio and on social media. Due to social restrictions, the concert was virtual.

The next phase of the campaign, the wish-collection, was kicked off in the following day with an exclusive interview with Anna Veith, a famous Austrian skier and a brand ambassador for Milka. The interview contained a post-concert report and insights into Anna Veith’s life.

During the following four weeks, kronehit’s listeners were asked to be tender to each other. Listeners were asked to share their wishes for their family, friends and other loved ones on the Milka microsite or through the Winzone (a section of kronehit’s website dedicated to contests). Radio hosts engaged with listeners on-air and the message of tenderness was shared on radio spots, by live reads, in kronehit’s Winzone and on social media. Social media proved to be valuable tools, especially for the voting phase of the promotion. In order to convey more and authentic emotions on radio, longer spots were also produced in which listeners talked about their wishes for their loved ones – a selection of the most tender wishes!

As the campaign progressed, an idea emerged to grant one listener a very special wish which one can’t buy: kronehit would play the winner’s song live on radio. Participants were asked to register a musician from their close circle; a friend, family member or a dear colleague. This part of the campaign was announced and communicated through radio spots, live reads and social media. Nearly 50 people registered someone and the lucky winner, a young musician called Lil’ Rubio recorded by his girlfriend, had his song Orlando played lived on kronehit.

Creative minds and campaign executors

Milka’s creative & media agencies came up with the basic idea of “we fulfil tender wishes”. Kronehit’s creative department elaborated on the idea and added “we play your song” on the radio – making your life’s dream come true!