Branded content series with sustainable eco-friendly message


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General information

Sector: Automotive

Media: Linear TV, online, social media

Time period: Spring 2022

Case description

Volvo wanted to align its brand with sustainable, eco-friendly messaging and content to showcase the role that Volvo plays in supporting Canadian’s shift to a more sustainable way of life. Volvo wanted to position their vehicles as not just elegant with top performance but also as a partner in helping to reduce the environmental impact of consumers.

To demonstrate Volvo’s sustainability and luxury credentials, Volvo partnered with Rogers Sports and Media and created a branded content series with the famous show Cityline across TV and digital. Cityline’s auto and design experts, Steph and Nike, hit the road in their Volvo electric vehicles in a 4-part video series (over two seasons) across Canada to various beautiful, eco-friendly destinations that have sustainability at their core.

Each video integrated Volvo’s key messaging and vehicle features throughout the content – creating organic moments of engagement with the Volvo brand and vehicles. The entire experience showed people the future of sustainable living, the role Volvo is playing in that, and the changes we can all make moving forward.

Each series episode premiered within the Cityline broadcast with an in-show introduction from the super famous host Tracy Moore. For extended reach and viewership, the 4-part video series was also hosted on a Cityline Road Trip guide page with 100% SOV and full videos were posted on Cityline’s YouTube page.

A holistic content strategy was developed to distribute content across Cityline’s social platforms – including teaser videos developed specifically for Cityline’s IG stories, video cut-downs of the Getaways on Instagram and Facebook in-feed.

Campaign results

It was a successful branded content campaign that delivered over 2 million impressions on TV and over-indexed by 26%. The campaign had nearly 1.3 million views on YouTube and Facebook. All content beat established benchmarks:

  • Over double the VTR benchmark (211% higher)
  • Nearly 2.5 times the engagement on Facebook (240% higher)
  • Over triple the engagement on Instagram (329% higher)
  • And our CTR was over 7x higher than usual!

Campaign video