A sustainable touch to Zomerhit with Var

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The background

The “Zomerhit” project by Radio2 has been a tradition since 1973, featuring activities for all age groups, local artists’ concerts and more. During July and August 2023, Var collaborated with VRT MAX for a live summer event at the beach featuring concerts and a bustling village of activities. The event attracted a diverse range of sponsors, including Aldi, Standaard Boekhandel, Fost Plus, Sport Vlaanderen, Fintro, EG Curcufen Forte and Orange.

Happy sunny days in Blankenberge

Radio2 and TV channel VRT 1 joined forces, gathering thousands of viewers and listeners to the Belgian coast in Blankenberge. The six-week campaign featured a wide array of activities such as sports, concerts, competitions, games and relaxation.

The coastal village featured an Aldi food truck providing product tastings, Orange, telecommunications company offered free Wi-Fi and a chill zone, and Radio2 facilitated tourism walks for EG Curcufen, a dietary supplement for muscles and joints. In the chill zone, Standaard Boekhandel, a Belgian bookstore, provided a summer library for people to grab a book.  EG Curcufen Forte organized fun games for the little ones, and Belgian bank Fintro offered a behind-the-scenes look at shows and at the village. Flemish sports agency Sport Vlaanderen showcased various sports disciplines suitable for all age groups.

Promoting sustainable behaviour

One sponsor successfully highlighted one of today’s most crucial global priorities – sustainability. Fost Plus, a private Belgian initiative dedicated to waste sorting and recycling, introduced a convenient app for waste management.

Participants were incentivized by Fost Plus to collect beach litter, with each item scanned through converting into points. These points became the currency for a well-deserved and refreshing ice cream treat. The campaign resulted in the impressive collection of substantial amounts of litter.


With an average of 406K listeners and 727K viewers per week, Zomerhit proved to be a success. In a matter of weeks, the village welcomed 150,000 visitors, and 600 books were borrowed from the Standaard Boekhandel library. The sports section registered 5,439 participants, while the chill zone was enjoyed by over 17,000 participants. EG Curcufen Forte’s provided games attracted 9,500 young participants. Furthermore, the Fost Plus app facilitated the collection of over 13,000 pieces of trash.