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Background information

NRJ Global, the consulting and communication powerhouse of NRJ Group, attracts a daily audience of 10 million listeners on its radio stations NRJ, Cherie FM, Nostalgie and Rire & Chansons.  For the past 3 years, NRJ Global has organized the Audio Creative Awards competition in partnership with the Sup de Pub communications school. The competition aims to unleash audio creativity through a fresh student vision, playing with today’s creative codes and with the great opportunities offered by the development of digital audio.

The awarding system

Each year, the students receive briefs from 5 advertisers, conducted under real-life conditions. Gathered in teams, the students work on their ideas and creative recommendations, which they present to the jury. The jury is presided by Cécile Chambaudrie on a yearly basis, President of NRJ Global, Anne-Françoise Stasser, Managing Director of Sup de Pub, and two advertisers and agencies. Composed of producers, creatives and brands, the jury is highly representative of the advertising market.

To support the students, NRJ Global organizes masterclasses and creative coaching seminars presented by the marketing teams and JEAN-PAUL, the brand entertainment collective that gives voice to brands via branding, strategic planning, influence, social media, CSR and production.

The awards ceremony takes place every year at AudioMoves, the annual NRJ Global conference, which addresses the current market trends with the industry’s leading experts.

Below you may find an overview of previous competitions

2022 competition winner: Maaf

2023 competiton winner: Midas

Stay tuned here and here to follow this year’s competition.


Find below the winners of these past three editions.

Presidency 2022
Adrien PLOUARD, Creation Director – Romance

Co-presidency 2023
Marketing Manager – Toyota France
Guillaume DE LA FLECHERE, CEO – The&Partnership France & CEO – EssenceMediacom France

Co-presidency 2024
, Communication and Public Relations Director – Groupe Alain AFFLELOU

Pascal CRIFO, Founder & President – BLUE 449


Highly shared on social networks, this event receives a strong echo every year, bringing together advertisers from a wide range of sectors: Mousline, Volkswagen, Monsieur Meuble, Afflelou, Projet x Paris, Epycure, MaFrenchBank, Midas, Toyota, Yodi, Schimdt, NafNaf, Orange, Maaf, Ouicare, But, Leboncoin and more.

This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for students to share their vision and definition of audio creativity with advertisers who are committed to train this generation of tomorrow.