DDB Athens and ΔΕΗ Greece’s National Electricity Company launch sign language campaign for customers with hearing loss


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Imagine living in a world where your language goes unheard. For roughly 30,000 Greeks, this is their daily reality. Simple tasks, like navigating public services, become arduous due to the absence of support for Greek Sign Language. Recognising this challenge, Greece’s National Electricity Company (PPC) resolved to stand in solidarity with its hearing-impaired customers.

The campaign was aired on both Star and Antenna TV in Greece. Antenna offered an extra discount for this specific campaign in order to enhance the cause.

woman applauding in sign language, serviceforall.dei.gr

How was accessibility included in the campaign?

In the summer of 2022, PPC launched a video call service to assist hearing-impaired customers. They provided sign language interpreters to make this service accessible.

The campaign featured a stand-up comedy performance exclusively designed for a deaf audience, filled with inside jokes and community sarcasm. Initially, the campaign ran on television for two weeks without any subtitles. This had three primary objectives:

  • To inform the deaf community about the availability of this new service from PPC.
  • To draw attention from the media to the challenges faced by deaf individuals and their integration into Greek society.
  • To help the general public empathise with the difficulties of communication in a world where they themselves would be “disabled.”

After generating substantial interest and sparking discussions on social media and in the media during those two weeks, the campaign was later broadcast with Greek subtitles to ensure that the broader public became aware of this valuable service.

The results were impressive, as nationwide research confirmed its impact, and the commercial was voted the best of 2022. It was a silent campaign that made a resounding impact.

What were the outcomes?

  • 11M views on social media
  • 5M views on YouTube
  • The TV campaign reached 93% of people over 25 years old
  • The campaign was voted’Best Ad of 2022’by the readers of the biggest local press publication
  • 88% among the hearing-impaired community said this campaign makes them feel more optimistic about the future

PPC & DDB Athens – Sign Language Case Study

DEH Standup Comedy ad (EN subs)