DPG brings Radio Contact and Q music together for the 100th Brussels Motor Show


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Background information

In celebration of the 100th edition of the Brussels Motor Show (BMS) in 2023, Febiac, the Belgian and Luxembourg Automobile and Cycle Federation, collaborated with DPG’s Integreate to orchestrate two dynamic campaigns with Q music and Radio Contact. The objective was to create a buzz around the event, boost ticket sales, and convey the message that the Brussels Motor Show offers more than just cars.

The concept and strategy

Integreate, DPG’s ‘non-spot’ department, developed a cohesive creative concept adapted for each station, tailoring it to match the distinct characteristics of the Walloon and Flemish regions. The overarching goal was to engage both the general population and car enthusiasts through entertaining radio activations.

Q Music Activation

Q music’s campaign, ‘Win een auto of een salon,’ invited participants through a website call to action and on-air trailers hosted by popular DJ Vincent Fierens. During a week-long live program, Vincent interacted with contestants, culminating in a live broadcast from the BMS where a car and sofa were given away with suspense and fanfare.

Radio Contact Activation

Radio Contact’s campaign, ‘Gagnez une voiture électrique ou un salon,’ centered around the same concept but with a focus on giving away an electric car, specifically a nano car featured at the motor show. The Good Morning team visited the BMS pre-opening, conducting live interventions and engaging in social media storytelling to complement the radio partnership.

Platforms involved

For Q music, the campaign spanned the website, app, social media, press websites, on-air promos, and the live broadcast. On the other hand, Radio Contact utilized the website, on-air promo spots, branded content on social media, and live interventions by radio host Olivier Arnould.


On Q music, the radio partnership reached nearly 1 million people, with 3,800 contest entries via the Q music app, demonstrating a high level of audience engagement and interest in winning a car or sofa. For Radio Contact, the campaign achieved a selectivity index of 118 on target T 18-44, attracting over 2,000 contest page visitors. The social media campaign boasted an impressive 17% engagement rate for the Facebook live broadcasted from the BMS, underscoring the impact of the radio partnership on multiple platforms.


While sharing a common brief and idea, the campaigns took distinct approaches based on the stations’ locations. In the North, emphasis on live experiences and stunts prevailed, while the South prioritized social media engagement. This showcases Integreate’s ability to provide tailored North/South responses to briefs, aligning with the channels’ DNA for impactful collaborations between advertiser and media brands. Additionally, the case highlights the significant role of social media in the radio partnership media mix.