Dromos 89,8 on the go to attract Gen Z listeners


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Background information

Dromos 89,8 radio station, in collaboration with anytime, a subsidiary of Interamerican, and a leading company in the insurance market in Greece, has put in place a brand-building campaign of ten full summer days. The campaign format was set as a special event and focused on the insurance sector. The in-house sales department developed this innovative format alongside the creative agency ‘Weber Shandwick Athens’.

people and special bus

The concept and strategy

The goal of this campaign was to attract young people as new customers. A big bus was used as the main space. The bus was internally divided into two sections. In the first section, a radio booth was created, and the second section posed as the PC area. The bus was parked in different public squares in Athens, every day, for ten consecutive days. Every day different popular singers would be welcomed, interviewed by a station’s producer, and then perform a few songs in acapella to the audience in front. During this time, people could enter the PC area of the bus and play a specially designed PC game. The game was as much fun as educational and it concerned safety measures and driving behavior while responsibly driving through the town and avoiding any accidents. In this way, the company could indirectly relate to the notion of safety and consequently attract new customers.

The initiative included production costs (rent of the bus, promoters, security, and such), as well as the value of the air time on radio and TV. A premium for the whole concept was also added.

The media and platforms involved were the Radio, popular singers within the young audience, TV trailers, and Facebook.


The evaluation was a positive one. Besides the revenue generated by the event, there was significant brand awareness for the radio station itself, since the bus we used was partially covered with the station logo in a creative way and therefore, seen by a lot of people who could become potential listeners.

bus room
bus room