Unbeatable duo: audio and OOH advertising increase appetite for Magnum Classic


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Background information

In this week’s egtabite we take a look at new pre-campaign testing tool by RMS Germany that allows clients to optimise their audio and OOH campaigns. It proves that audio and OOH are a perfect match for delivering outstanding campaign results.

AudiOoH Combination Check

Under the slogan “Classic Remains Classic” Magnum developed a cross-media campaign involving audio and OOH for the popular Magnum Classic ice cream. In order to test whether the audio spot and the OOH visual ad worked in synergy and supported the campaign goals, Magnum made use of RMS’s new tool – the “AudiOoH Combination Check”. This pre-campaign testing tool evaluates reactions generated by the audio and outdoor advertising. The client is, therefore, able to gain insights into the creative design of audio spots and posters before the campaign’s launch and optimise the creative in order to achieve the desired campaign goals.

With the new “AudiOoH combination check”, Magnum was not only able to check how well the individual media channels worked, but also how well synchronised they were and how effective the combination of the two media was. The results of the pre-campaign test clearly showed that the combination of audio and OOH was a perfect match.


The “AudiOoH combination check” for Magnum was carried out by MediaAnalyzer on behalf of RMS and the agency Weischer.JvB in October 2021. The testing was done on 300 people (ages 18-59) that were randomly assigned to one of three groups – OOH-only, audio-only or a combination of both. In each group the respondents were tracked for recall, purchase intent, likeability, brand image, creative aspects and campaign aspects. Audio spots were tested by emotion tracking and OOH by attention tracking (via an eye-tracking method).

Campaign video


The “AudiOoH combination check” proved that the Magnum Classic motif in the OOH ads and the audio spot complemented each other perfectly and created valuable multi-sensory contacts when test groups were interacting with the ad. The joint pre-test showed that the messages in the audio spots and the posters were well coordinated. The audio spot, which triggered an above-average emotional response, and the presence of the Magnum Classic in the OOH motif ensured, among other things, that the appetite appeal was communicated particularly well in the media mix.

The testing showed that the coordinated motifs across audio and OOH conveyed the campaign goals even more successfully than the individual motifs on their own. This was particularly evident in the branding KPIs (brand fit and improved brand image) and action (interest and purchase intent).

With the combination of audio and OOH, the campaign achieved a significantly better aided recall than the two media did individually. At 87%, supported brand recall was the highest in the combination test cell vs 81% for OOH only and 77% for audio only.

The results of the combination check proved that the combination of audio and OOH generates greater purchase intent than audio or OOH alone. In the group exposed to both the audio spot and the poster motif, 81% were interested in buying a Magnum Classic (versus 77% for OOH alone and 69% for audio alone).

The client was happy with the results: “Audio and out-of-home are a promising combination, especially for conveying pleasurable experiences. In order to use the synergies optimally, the creations in different media channels must be well coordinated. Thanks to the Audio.Analyzer and the “AudiOoH Combination Check” we succeeded and are more than satisfied with the results. The perfect coordination was all the more important in this campaign, as we ran the Classic Magnum campaign without TV and implemented it with great attention to OOH and audio. Said Bianca Dyckhoff, Senior Media Manager Ice-cream, Unilever Germany.