LG relies on 3D audio in podcast ads


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Background information

LG, the technology company used new 3D audio technology within a podcast campaign to promote their new headphones with noise cancellation. This was the first time LG used immersive audio to target consumers.

The agency Mediaplus and RMS came up with a creative idea to market these new headphones not only using their main USP – noise cancellation – but also to deliver the dynamic podcast ads programmatically in real time, targeting relevant users at the right time and place. Given that 64% of listeners listen to podcasts via headphones, the 3D sound experience of immersive audio ad resonated exceptionally well with the target audience.

What is 3D audio?

3D or 360-degree audio gives the listener an intensive, spatial impression. With the 360-degree audio, listeners feel like they are right in the middle of the action when listening to audio. Unlike the classical stereo recording recordings only produce sound from the left and right, in 3D audio the listening experience comes from several directions – from above, below, or in front and behind. The result is a captivating, very intense listening experience.

Details of the campaign

The campaign focused on the promotion of the LG Tone Free DFP 8 Earbuds with active noise cancellation in the immersive podcast environment. The 3D Dynamic Podcast Ads targeted the headphone target group of younger podcast listeners. The podcast campaign ran from in October and November 2021 and included a total of around four million ad impressions.


An accompanying market research by MediaAnalyzer examined the campaign performance. The test target group was made up of men and women between the ages 18 and 54. They were divided into two groups of 200 people each. One group was listening to the podcast spots via headphones, the other group was listening to the podcast spots via speakers.

People who listen to the spots via headphones were 60% more likely to visit LG’s website afterwards than the other group. The “headphones group” was also more interested in finding out more about the advertised product after hearing the podcast ad. In this group it was every third person vs the speaker group where it was every fifth.

When it comes to purchase intent, the differences between the two groups are most significant. Headphone users were 112% more likely to buy a product than the comparison group.

Overall, the market research shows the strong activating power of online audio in connection with 3D audio spots when using headphones. The results thus prove the great fit of immersive audio spots with headphone listeners.

LG Electronics has always stood for technical innovation. Home entertainment is no exception. That’s why we’re particularly proud to promote our LG TONE Free Earbuds as a pioneer customer with Dynamic Podcast Ads. Because the innovative power of our products is best conveyed through groundbreaking new advertising formats.”

Andreas Urbach, Head of Product Marketing Home Entertainment, LG Electronics Deutschland GmbH