Celebrating World TV Day around the globe


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Background information

On 21 November, World Television Day – as designated by the United Nations – was celebrated around the globe for the 26th time. On this occasion, broadcasters and TV associations put the spotlight on the medium’s resilience and its attention-grabbing power. In this week’s egtabite we revisit some of the initiatives carried out on the occasion of 2022 World Television Day.

The TV spot – Today’s TV captivates, fascinates and holds audiences’ attention

At the initiative of egta, The Global TV Group, EBU and ACT, a 30-second video was produced with a focus on attention. More so: how today’s TV captivates, fascinates and holds audiences’ attention.

Brands have also started to place more importance on attention as they realise the value of this metric: the more attention an advertisement receives, the better the business outcomes. TV is a medium with unmatched effectiveness because it provides one of the highest and most reliable levels of attention to both its content and advertising.

The clip also highlighted that today TV is always available, at home and on the go, across all screens, live or streamed, and no medium grabs audiences’ attention better.

As in previous years, the spot was translated and adapted by many local broadcasters, including in French, Italian, German, Czech and Bulgarian, to name a few. The adapted versions can be viewed here.

2022 TV spot

Coverage and initiatives – demonstrating the power of television

Many media companies expanded their coverage beyond airing the spot and social media activities.

Visitors to the offices of France Télévisions Publicité, for example, were welcomed in the lobby by an extensive array of World TV Day displays, showing the clip.

In Slovakia, the Markíza network aired extensive coverage about the impact of TV, both historically when covering significant events and in today’s multi-screen, multi-touchpoint world, where TV with its premium content and trusted news plays a vital societal role. The World Television Day coverage on Markíza and an interview with Matthias Settele, Markíza’s General Director, can be watched here below with English subtitles.

In Canada, CBC Media Solutions neatly visualised the 10 reasons why TV is more relevant than ever, tackling one-by-one the many myths and false narratives about the state of TV and stating the facts about the medium’s strengths for brands.

To celebrate the creatives, Thinkbox UK called on industry colleagues to put together a gallery of the best TV adverts in 2022. Contributions came from Tenk TV (Norway), TAM (Ireland), Thinktv (Canada), TVN Media (Poland) and DStv (South Africa), gathering some of this year’s best TV ads.

Attention is the new black

Meanwhile, egta put its focus on attention as a metric, as Katty Roberfroid, Director General at egta, underlined in the press release for World Television Day: “The TV industry continues to build a more sophisticated understanding of ad attention. As content providers and brands compete for consumers’ attention, this metric will help demonstrate that TV delivers the short and long-term results both programmers and advertisers require. On World TV Day, we shine a light on the attention economy and celebrate Total TV’s role in it.”

Contributing to the conversation, egta released a series of interviews with four industry experts discussing ad attention, measurement and more. The interviews with Pooja Midha (EVP, General Manager, Effectv), Joe Marchese (General and Build Partner, Human Ventures), Andy Brown (CEO, The Attention Council) and Nicolas Grand (SVP Transformation, Global Investment, OMG) are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, as well as on Vimeo (links above).