Double hit: two back-to-back activations to amplify Samsung’s Galaxy S22 launch


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Background information

The release of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 was a major event for Samsung. FLASH, RMB’s creative team, chose to use this opportunity to build a creative cross-media campaign around two very attractive contests.

On 9th February 2022, Samsung announced the imminent release of the Galaxy S22 series – its newest line of smartphones. The advertiser wanted to run a strong and original campaign to promote its latest flagship product.

Following some brainstorming between Samsung, its agency Space, the National Sales Business Unit and the RMB creative team, two activations were launched in collaboration with NRJ and TV channel AB3. The media choice was a natural one in view of the advertiser’s target, they mainly seek to address 18–34-year-olds.

Campaign video

Credit: Régie Média Belge | See full case here.

22/02/2022: A symbolic date

The first activation orchestrated by FLASH for Samsung and its Galaxy S22 range took place around the “Wake Up Show”, the NRJ morning show, also successfully broadcast live on AB3 TV channel. By taking advantage of the simultaneous broadcasting of the “Wake Up Show” on radio and TV, FLASH were able to develop a very exciting cross-media campaign for listeners and viewers.

The 22nd February 2022 was the highlight of this first instalment of the campaign. The date was specially chosen because of its natural ability to symbolise Samsung’s Galaxy S22 brand. Samsung announced a special competition for NRJ listeners – a chance to win 22 new smartphones. Throughout the competition and its promotion the focus was always on the number 22, which became the common denominator of the Samsung campaign.

A challenge centred around the number 22

The week before the 22/02/2022 date, teasers for the surprise event were aired on NRJ, as well as on AB3, presenting the new Galaxy S22 via product placements. This was complimented by posts and stories by NRJ hosts on the radio’s social networks featuring the Galaxy S22.

On 22nd February, radio spots promoting the competition ran on NRJ all day. What is more is that throughout the day, at every hour at 22 minutes (from 6:22 am to 11:22 pm), the hosts announced a challenge for listeners in connection with the number 22 theme. Listeners had to, for example, send a photo with the number 22, send a photo with 22 objects, take a photo with 22 people, be the 22nd person to call NRJ, say the number 22 when calling NRJ, etc. Winners of the challenges all won a new Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Fugitive, an S22 smartphone in your pocket

The second activation orchestrated by FLASH for Samsung took place around the “Fugitive“, an existing concept running on NRJ but redesigned in such a way as to perfectly highlight the Galaxy S22.

The Fugitive is a competition during which a mystery character leaves the premises of NRJ in Brussels to crisscross French-speaking Belgium and hides there as long as possible. To help listeners find him, NRJ aired clues in the morning on “The Wake Up Show”. The competition was also running across social media. The concept: the first listener to find the Fugitive wins a cash prize.

Samsung and Galaxy S22 were included from the start in the promotional campaign of the contest, in particular via TV trailers, as well as product placement, radio trailers, stories on Instagram and Facebook pages or NRJ and the “Wake Up Show”.

Several elements of the competition were specially adapted to reinforce Samsung’s communication about the Galaxy S22. The number 22, as in the first activation, was included in several ways:

  • The Fugitive was equipped with a Samsung S22 that he took with him everywhere, especially to take photos.
  • The cash prize to be won in the contest was increased to €22,000 (vs. €20,000 in previous editions).
  • The schedule for the on-air delivery of clues during the “Wake up Show” was set at 06:22, 07:22 and 08:22.
  • The Fugitive’s social media posts put the Galaxy S22 in the spotlight (via product placement).

The Fugitive offered a chance to win a Galaxy S22 as well.

Double amplified results

The Samsung Galaxy S22 operation generated enormous enthusiasm and a high participation rate among the target audience. Its success can be measured on several levels:

  • During the first activation linked to the contest on the 22nd February, 10,224 people sent messages via WhatsApp to participate in the contest.
  • During the second activation, focusing on the Fugitive, the radio/TV promotional campaign generated 296 100 contacts, 268 GRP and a  33% coverage within the advertiser’s target group.
  • With more than 60 posts mentioning Samsung, the Fugitive campaign reached around one million people via social media (Instagram & Facebook). This resulted in 69,000 views for the videos and it generated 10,000 interactions (likes, shares, comments, etc.)

The added value of the Samsung case lies in the planned sequence of two operations carried out with NRJ. The day after the 22/02/2022 competition, a teaser was launched to reassure the unlucky losers and to inform NRJ listeners that something else, equally exciting, was on its way. After two days of teasing, the second operation with the Fugitive launched, building on the success of the first competition. The creative integration of the number 22 undoubtedly facilitated the link between the first and second activations.