Publitalia ’80’s ad campaign tools measure the ad effectiveness cross-media


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Background information

In this week’s egtabite we introduce Publitalia ‘80’s Connected TV (CTV) advertising offer. We also dig deeper into how the sales house deploys attribution models to prove campaign effectiveness down to drive-to-store level data.

Publitalia ‘80, the Mediaset Group’s sales house in Italy, first introduced its CTV offer in 2017, called ADD+. Brands were able to launch targeted ad campaigns based on Mediaset’s first-party data, derived from content consumption and consumers’ geo-behavioural information.

Since its inception, the CTV offer has greatly evolved, incorporating new measurement solutions for clients. Publitalia ’80 has relentlessly searched for tools and models to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The acquisition of a mobile data company, Beintoo, in 2020 marked a significant milestone for the sales house on this journey.

Proving uplift with the right technology

Beintoo is an Italian mobile data company operating in the digital advertising and data-driven field. Through a proprietary technology, Beintoo reads offline behavioural information (from more than 8 million smartphones) and translates location data into valuable insights to reconstruct consumers habits and preferences. Through this technology, Publitalia ’80 developed an analysis model able to measure the impact of addressable campaigns on Connected TVs, in terms of in-store visits, demonstrating to clients the efficiency of the medium.

How does the model work?

First, through IP matching, the model identifies the CTVs exposed to the addressable campaign and matches them with the smartphones of Beintoo’s universe. Then, the model compares the group of those exposed to the advertisement to a homogeneous unexposed group.

Finally, the client receives the data on in-store visits by both groups, the percentage increase and comparison between the two groups (uplift). For clients without a physical store, the attribution model has been extended to measure drive-to-web campaigns.

Incorporating cross-media planning & measurement

Publitalia ’80 has increasingly concentrated on integrating cross-media measurement capabilities. The analysis available today includes cross-media planning on linear TV, smart TV and digital (web and audio).

Leroy Merlin, a French-based home improvement and gardening retail company, was the first client to take advantage of the new measurement solution. The retailer planned an addressable campaign that involved CTV and digital audio, to reach geographically-targeted audiences, promote digital flyers and encourage physical store visits. The attribution analysis proved that users that were exposed to at least one of the two media visited Leroy Merlin stores in higher numbers than the control group not exposed to the ads. The analysis also showed that the greatest impact was on those exposed to both the TV and digital ads, with an uplift of 48.6%.

“Technology is becoming more and more important across the Group’s advertising offering: it allows brands not only to plan cross-media campaigns and reach fragmented audiences, but also to measure the ad effectiveness through concrete and innovative tools”, says Silvia Broggi, MarTech & International Marketing Director at Publitalia ’80. “The high interest of brands in our attribution analysis demonstrates, in fact, how important is for the market to verify the real value of advertising investments. The evolution of the attribution model, available also to measure the added value of cross-media campaigns, shows how the digital media integration allows customers to achieve marketing results more efficiently”.