TV, the flagship medium for advertising perception


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Background information

A new study proving the efficiency of TV as an advertising medium is the topic of this week’s egtabite. When 1002 respondents in Switzerland were surveyed about the characteristics of different advertising vehicles, the results showed that out of all media, TV works best.

Admeira’s study asked the respondent to name a brand advertisement they remembered particularly well. A thousand participants named 248 different brands, with the most frequently cited brand mentioned a hundred times. When asked where they saw the advertisement, it became clear that brands reach their consumers across different channels. TV advertising, however, is the most noticed and best remembered. Around 62% of respondents saw the brand whose ad they remembered from TV. Out-of-home advertising is the second most popular ‘reach medium’, but placed second by a considerable margin.

Respondents were asked: Where did you perceive the advertising by this brand?

Subsequent psychological effects of advertising perception

Of course, recollections of adverts need to be treated with further nuance, as not every perception is of the same quality. There is an expectation that contact through advertising will trigger a psychological process beneficial for the brand advertised.

The study examined two psychological effects of advertising, the influence on purchasing decisions and the credibility of advertising, across all media channels. The result shows how two channels stand out: TV and print.

Respondents were asked: ‘Overall, which advertising channels have a major impact on your purchasing decision?’

The highest scoring moving-image medium is TV, listed by around 40% of respondents, when asked which ad channels have the most credible advertising overall.

Respondents were asked: ‘Which advertising channels have the most credible advertising overall?’

TV meets the needs of consumers and advertisers

Given the qualities highlighted, it is no surprise that consumers refer to TV as their favourite advertising channel – ahead of print and other media and ‘no advertising channel’. In addition to all the advantages that TV offers to advertisers as an advertising channel, viewers also value TV as a media channel,” Admeira concludes in its survey. “In terms of both perception and sales, TV proves itself to be a thoroughly convincing advertising channel. When it comes to investments in advertising, money is best spent where consumers like advertising the most: on their favourite advertising channel – TV.”

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