Atresmedia’s Pantaia product helps brands expand their reach


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Background information

In this week’s egtabite we visit Spain and examine Atresmedia Publicidad’s ad product called Pantaia. First launched in 2022, the hybrid product debuted with 19 campaigns from 17 advertisers that efficiently wanted to increase the reach of linear TV campaigns.

The Pantaia product removes barriers between linear and digital in a single offering, reaching all connected screens at home (Linear TV, HbbTV, CTV, App, Desktop & mobile). Thanks to HbbTV technology and by using deterministic (first-party) TV consumption data, audiences that have not been exposed to the linear TV campaign can be targeted through different formats.

One Pantaia to rule them all

Companies such as Brico Depôt, Lowi, Finetwork, Bimbo, Calidad Pascual, Línea Directa Aseguradora, Santander, Iberdrola, Sanitas, Ouigo, Iryo, ING Direct, Cortefiel, Adeslas, Voltadol, Herba and Pandora have taken advantage of Pantaia. On average, their campaigns have achieved an incremental reach of 2.7 points over linear TV campaigns. For individuals aged 18-44, the incremental reach increases to 3.3 points.

“Thanks to the deterministic TV consumption data, a 59% reach harnessing is achieved. In addition, this incremental reach is obtained with a 46% return on linear TV advertising,” says Fernando Pino Velazquez, Marketing Service Director at Atresmedia Publicidad. “This quantitative data makes Pantaia the most complete hybrid solution in the Spanish advertising market. In addition, this product manages to optimise the distribution of contacts, making it more efficient and taking advantage of the power of the big screen to increase attention and awareness,” he adds.

A major improvement in brands’ qualitative attributes

To measure changes in the brands’ qualitative attributes, Atresmedia Publicidad carried out a study combining Fluzo’s cross-media measurement solution and the Netquest panel. The study aimed to measure the effectiveness of the advertising impacts received by the same person from different devices and formats.

A total of 1828 surveys were conducted. The results showed that the brands which used Pantaia improved their KPIs for advertising recall, engagement, favourability and the association of the message with the brand. The brands also generated higher interest, consideration and purchase intent among impacted customers. 

Pantaia is a clear example of how Atresmedia Publicidad remains committed to delivering high-quality advertising services, focussing on innovation, customer satisfaction and understanding the importance of effective communication for brands and agencies.