How TF1 PUB is inventing tomorrow’s advertising in the metaverse


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Background information

In this week’s egtabite, we step into the metaverse with TF1 PUB, where the French sales house recently welcomed industry players to present its future strategy, aptly titled: “Let’s invent tomorrow’s advertising together”.

In this era of multi-screen consumption and technological advances, advertising is experiencing its biggest revolution and TF1 PUB is committed to accelerating this transformation by bringing tomorrow’s advertising to life for its customers.

Into the metaverse

The major media trends and innovations of the years to come were the topic of discussion during a one-hour-long virtual session, with more than 200 participants present: brands and media agencies, journalists, sales house colleagues, and more.

TF1 PUB’s dedicated session offered multiple rooms to converse in, such as auditoria, rooftops and playgrounds, where avatars could interact via chat or microphone. For the event, the sales house teamed up with Komodal, a leading provider of consulting services for virtual worlds, and its partner Teemew, the virtual offices and interactive events solution.

We’re thrilled to have hosted a ground-breaking event in the metaverse, showcasing our vision for the future of advertising. TF1 PUB is committed to accelerating the transformation of advertising in this age of technological progress and multi-device usage. With our expertise and forward-thinking approach, we’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible in this dynamic landscape,”says Vincent Gambette, Group Marketing Manager Multiscreen at TF1 Pub.

Conference video

Tomorrow’s advertising

How will the sales house go about building tomorrow’s advertising together with the ad industry? During the session, multiple speakers elaborated on how TF1 PUB aims to achieve this by keeping up with the latest technological developments in the market, from segmented TV to connected TVs, data, and new identifiers.

The company plans to implement simpler and more responsible standards, from audience measurement to the carbon footprint of campaigns. The sales house also aims to develop new formats that are more effective and engaging and to make its offers and services accessible to all advertisers, regardless of their size.

With video becoming France’s favourite pastime with 4h44* of daily consumption, TF1 PUB recognises that it is the king format for advertisers, covering multiple uses such as Live TV, replay, SVOD, AVOD, and more.

However, the fragmented Total Video ecosystem poses challenges to brand emergence and addressability. TF1 PUB has analysed media trends in the American market to learn from their experience and to address the challenges of tomorrow’s advertising in France. By working with its customers, partners, and all market players, TF1 Pub will create a future where advertising is more personalized, engaging, and efficient.

The fact that TF1 PUB held the conference in the metaverse highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and its willingness to explore new technologies and platforms to shape the future of advertising.