New business solutions to support brands by NRJ Global


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The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented: it led to the cutting down of advertising budgets and therefore a decrease in media revenues. On the upside however, it also acted as an accelerator, pushing sales houses to innovate and enhance their activities and strengthen their relations with brands to come back to the forefront.

Beyond simple ad sales, sales houses must develop the tools necessary to meet the needs of brands and agencies. It is key that they understand their challenges so as to be able to support them with simple, personalised, efficient and business-generating solutions.

In this week’s egtabite, we look at examples of business solutions that NRJ Global (FR) recently developed following a client centric approach, operational simplification and innovation to support brands and their agencies in a fast-changing landscape.

NRJ Global’s new services and business solutions

A few weeks ago, NRJ Global launched its new website introducing a brand-new service called ‘NRJ GLOBAL DEAL’, and two new business solutions: ‘NRJ PASS PRIORITY’ and ‘Give Voice to your Podcasts’. NRJ now also offers conversational advertising solutions on smart speakers.


This new integrated service, easily accessible on the NRJ home page, is a briefing platform which is primarily intended for direct advertisers to submit a campaign request to the sales house teams, based on a goal and a specific budget.

Designed as easy-to-use tool, it allows clients to submit a campaign brief in just 5 steps by selecting:

  • a communication goal: notoriety or promotion
  • advertising methods: classic spots, sponsorship, event, content creation, special operations
  • media(s): radio – audio; TV – video; digital; social networks and influencers
  • a communication target
  • a time period
  • the allocated budget (minimum € 5,000)


NRJ Global believes that increasing ad time is not the way forward. To respect the listening contract with listeners, publishers and advertising partners, NRJ Global limits advertising time on its 4 stations (NRJ, Chérie FM, Nostalgie and Rire & Chansons) to an average of 9 minutes per hour maximum nation-wide. The ‘Priority Pass’ guarantees priority access with 100% delivery of the advertising pressure requested, a minimum of 50% preferred positions in the advertising blocks and a secured planning delivered within 48 hours after booking. For its launch, NRJ Global is offering the Priority VIP ++ Pass to the first 6 Priority Pass reservations. These will provide, on-top of the Priority Pass advantages, a 100% guarantee of the spot-to-spot requested plan.

‘Give Voice to your Podcasts’

As the podcast offers increases year after year, the NRJ group greatly enhanced its expertise in this format. NRJ Créations developed original native podcast programs combining its experience with the expertise of in-house audio production studio Spot Machine. Via apartnership with Audiomeans (a podcast hosting platform), independent podcasters are given access the NRJ sales house’s services. Thanks to this, advertisers can integrate a relevant selection of podcasts into their media plans, selected according to their theme (travel, automobile, well-being, etc.) and their target.

NRJ Global is able to support advertisers from the creation to the hosting, distribution and media coverage of branded podcasts. NRJ Global also gives the possibility to offer branded podcasts within a dedicated page and to distribute this content alongside the NRJ podcasts, on the webpages and applications of the NRJ group.

Cécile Chambaudrie – NRJ Group General Manager in charge of Business Development and Digital Activities Development commented: “Customer needs are at the heart of our thinking and products. Simplification, expertise, excellence and creativity are the strategic axes that guide us. The simplification is reflected in turnkey solutions that respond to the advertisers’ needs (such as ‘24h chrono’; a service that enables the creation and distribution of advertising messages in digital radio-audio in 24 hours, ‘drive to web’; a cross-media offer build to optimise web traffic and online sales) as well as the deployment of the NRJ Global Deal briefing platform. This expertise is native to a media company such as the NRJ Group. We must remain the experts of radio-audio, tv-video media, as well as other channels such as podcast, social media, events, live shopping, while mastering the entire value chain from creation to production, distribution, media coverage and performance measurement. The excellent relations with advertising we offer our listeners, internet users and viewers are representative of the quality of campaigns execution and solutions developed for our clients. Finally, as creativity is an essential component to offer consumers outstanding and unique brand experiences, it derives from the narrative and innovation in new advertising formats we offer, such as conversational advertising. Voice is now the new click.”