“Pimp your tractor” with ORF and Lindner


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Background information

In this business case, we bring to light the inspirational path that Austrian public radio station, FM4, and Lindner have taken in order to raise awareness and create a positive youthful brand image within the more conservative sector of agriculture.

More and more farmers are struggling to get younger generations to take over their farms. To help this cause, Linder approached ORF and Radio FM4, who developed and implemented a campaign that aired across all its channels from 3rd to 30th April 2023.

Lindner has already carried out successful promotional campaigns with FM4 in the past. With this campaign, however, Lindner wanted to appeal to the younger generation and dust off the image of agriculture. Farming can be cool too! The younger public radio station, FM4, was the perfect fit for the 2023 “Pimp your Tractor” campaign.

The participants were asked to submit designs for “pimping” up their tractors with new designs and visuals. Listeners could then vote online for the best three designs. The winner of “Pimp your Tractor” received the tractor with their design. There were also other prizes given out to other lucky participants.

Cross-media campaign

The announcement of the competition and the voting was published through spots on the public radio station FM4 and via the Facebook fan page. On fm4.ORF.at, the promotion was integrated prominently on the main landing page.

This special cross-media-sales campaign was successfully implemented with the help of the ORF-Enterprise Sales-Unit and the FM4-Team, in close cooperation with the client.

The Results

The campaign generated lots of positive reactions, and many interactions on fm4.ORF.at and social media. The promotion has given the industry and Lindner tractors a younger and more positive image. All in all, it’s now not just cars that are cool!