Pulling off a great summer campaign with Power Hit Radio and Telia


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Background information

Lithuanian radio station Power Hit Radio, part of TV3 media’s portfolio, collaborated with the telecommunications company Telia for a special summer campaign. A Telia 5G branded camper van served as a radio studio on wheels touring nine cities in Lithuania, concluding their tour for the full month of July in the beach resort Palanga.

Cities checked by Telia

Description and platforms used

In each city, the radio team met with listeners, offered games and contests to people of all age groups, organised concerts and other forms of entertainment. The project was heavily promoted across all media – TV, website and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). A series of articles about the project were published on TV3’s portal, and Telia was also active on social media. Power Hit Radio shared interviews conducted on the streets on their website, along with selfies taken with studio guests and listeners, and content from the studio on Facebook and Instagram. Despite the potentially exhausting task of interacting with a large number of people for an entire month, the team ensured a friendly greeting for every passerby, adding a personal touch to the project.

Picture posts on social media


Power Hit Radio pulled off a creative and progressive summer campaign with the radio on tour, bringing the station closer to listeners and providing great value for the sponsor. For the  online radio stream, the total unique IPs was 312.61, the total completed sessions were 3.62 m and average listening minutes were 36.25.

Market share of the station increased by 2%, rising from 6% in 2022 to 8% in just one year.The radio achieved a 20% reach, and the website had a 9% reach. They successfully popularized online radio and, importantly, expanded their Gen Z audience, a primary goal of the project.