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Questions and topics

This survey aims to gather information on how members monetise content on YouTube. These questions look at the way YouTube inventory is bought and sold, the revenue share models with YouTube as well as CPM figures and reporting of viewing figures.
Full list of questions

Questions included in the survey:

  • Do you publish content on YouTube?
    If yes, what kind of YouTube channels do you have?
    If yes, what kind of content is available on these channels?
    If no, please explain this policy of not sharing your content on YouTube.
    If no, has this policy of not sharing content on YouTube changed over the last years?
    Please indicate if you publish content on any other video platform, other than your own?
  • How do you sell / market the incremental reach you get through YouTube channels?
  • Do you have insights about who buys ads against your YouTube content?
  • Who sells the ad inventory against your content on YouTube?
    How much control do you have over the type of advertiser / advertising that appears around your content on YouTube?
  • Can you share anything about the revenue share model you have with YouTube?
  • Do you have an idea of the average CPM of a YouTube campaign in your market?
    How much more / less expensive is the average CPM than a video campaign on your OTT/VOD platform? (%)
    How much more / less expensive is the average CPM than a TV campaign on your linear channels ? (%)
  • Have there been any controversies in your market about YouTube favouring their own inventory over the inventory of other publishers?

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