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Questions and topics

A collection of information and examples of promotional activities undertaken by TV sales houses towards clients.
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Questions included in the survey:

  • Do you send out some form of publication to inform clients about your offer (incl. scheduling, programming, ad-effectiveness, etc.)? Yes/ No
  • If yes, what is the format of this publication and what does it entail? Please give details.
    Is it a physical, printed document (e.g. brochure, magazine, catalogue)?
    Is it sent out as an online resource (e.g. web link, PDF, interactive document, video)?
    Or both? If possible, please include a link or attachment where applicable.
  • How often is this above-mentioned publication sent out (e.g. yearly, bi-annually, quarterly, other)?
  • Who receives the publication (advertisers, media agencies, influencers, others)?
  • Has there been a move towards a greener, more environmentally-friendly approach to your B2B communications, (e.g. printing less, avoiding single-use goodies, communicating/mailing less often etc?)
  • Do you send out any goodies, gifts or any other physical promotional items to clients? Please give details and examples.
  • Do you organise any promotional events, for which you send out associated goodies or other accompanying items? Please give details (e.g. If launching a cooking programme, you may organise an online cooking event for which you send a pack of ingredients to participants?
  • From experience, what kind of B2B communications, activities or initiatives work particularly well with clients? Please share examples where you received positive feedback from clients.

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