Survey on broadcasters with own research panels



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Questions and topics

This assesses who have the panels which are run, owned or at least exclusively used by a media owner like a TV broadcaster. It is not about access panels where only interviews are carried out, but panels where measurement devices are installed.
Full list of questions

Question included in the survey:

Does your organisation (or are you aware of any media owner in your country who) operate an audience panel for the purpose of qualitative audience research and in which measurement devices are employed?

If yes:

  • Name of panel owner/operator:
  • What is the sample size:
  • What is the main purpose of the panel:
  • What is the scope of measurement; i.e. which technology is used and what data is collected, for example:
    People meter devices, IP sniffers or routers for media measurement
    Return path data from tracked media devices such as Set Top Boxes, OTT Hardware, cable devices etc.
    Eye tracking, galvanic skin response, facial recognition, or other to measure advertising impact?

If no, do you instead have a panel to conduct interviews? If so, please provide more details (owner, size, purpose).

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