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Questions and topics

Insights about the types of digital ad formats sold by members sales houses, the rates applied, types of sales rates used beyond GRP-based prices and how the team selling digital formats sits withing the organisational structure.
Full list of questions

Questions included in the survey:

  • Which of the followig digital formats do you sell and what net CPM do you charge?
  • Do you always sell digital formats on a GRP basis, or do you also use other types of rates? For example one-day exclusivity where the client has 100% of the ads on a page for one day. Please specify:
  • In your experience, what is the most effective digital format to include in a deal? E.g. without this format you would likely not have concluded the deal.
  • Is the team selling your digital ad inventory integrated in the team selling your linear TV inventory / is it a separate/stand-alone team within your sales house / do you use an external agency?
  • Does the sales team who monetises your digital ad inventory also sell inventory for other media suppliers?

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Surveys are only available to egta members who participated. If you are interested in a survey, but did not participate, just let us know and we will send you the empty questionnaire.

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