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Questions and topics

As a consequence of Covid-19, sales houses around Europe and beyond had to cancel their annual ‘screenings’ (or “back to business” events) – the B2B events where clients are introduced to new and existing advertising formats, and new programmes from the channels to buy into. This have opened new doors for sales houses to organise online events to inspire and inform clients. This compilation is meant to inspire each other with various communications/marketing initiatives.
Full list of questions

Questions included in the survey:

Did/will your sales house organise an event for your clients where your products and programmes are presented? If yes:

  • What was/is the format of the event, e.g. interactive online meeting, presentation video, webinar other? What are the topics discussed and the type speakers on your agenda?
  • If available, can you share a video link of the event or other available material (If not available, can you briefly explain the content).

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