Survey on total video offer and unification



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Questions and topics

The request gathers insights from various markets where multi-screen offers are available (linear TV & on-line video).
Full list of questions

Questions included in the survey:

  • Do you have a total video offer?
  • Which target groups do you sell (e.g main commercial target group, younger target group)?
  • Do you offer a fixed number of contacts on those targets?
  • Do you guarantee a fixed cost/grp or CPM?
    If yes, what spot length index is it based on (e.g. 15″, 30″)?
    If yes, what time length index is it based on (e.g. monthly, weekly)?
  • Do you guarantee a minimum reach level?
  • Do you commit to a specific TV vs online split?
    If yes, what is the split between TV and online (e.g. 90-10%, 80-20%)?
  • Do you commit to a specific share of peak time vs non-peak time? If yes, please explain
  • Do you commit to online premium inventory only?

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