Survey on VOD strategies, collaboration, and evolution in viewing



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Questions and topics

With this survey, we are focusing on VOD monetisation strategies (particularly shifts from AVOD to SVOD models), business models, collaboration with other platforms and evolutions in viewer/user numbers.
Full list of questions

Questions included in the survey:

  • Did you launch your VOD platform straight away with a pay-wall (SVOD/TVOD)? Or did you move from an AVOD to a SVOD/TVOD model?
  • Can you explain the choice that justified this business model when it was launched?
  • When you decided to launch (or move to) an SVOD/TVOD model, did you run any preliminary analysis that gave you insights on the added value of opting for an SVOD/TVOD model rather than an AVOD model?
  • Any figures you can share about your subscription income or the revenue model are welcome.
  • Have you collaborated with any international online video platforms like YouTube, by providing them with trailers or promos (or full content)?
  • Have you collaborated with any other national or local video platforms to monetise your content?
  • Have you partnered with any competitors in your national market (e.g. another broadcaster) to create a joined platform for viewers to watch some or all of your respective content?
  • How has the percentage of viewership/subscribers and revenues on your VOD platforms evolved year on year?
  • Did you introduce a required user login to your platform after it was initially launched without a login?

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