RMB’s ‘Blue Pitch Day’: Igniting Collaborative Sparks for a Sustainable Tomorrow


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On 29 September 2023, RMB organised the first ‘Blue Pitch Day’, proactively taking the initiative to encourage collaboration for a sustainable future involving content creators, advertisers and media partners. The initiative is part of the RMB sustainability-focused development strategy.

The objective of the project was to bring together enthusiastic content creators and committed advertisers keen to contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable future. The event received plentiful positive feedback and inspired participants to go the extra mile while considering how to accelerate collaborative efforts devoted to sustainability.

The Blue Pitch Day initiative is part of the RMB sustainable development plan, establishing partnerships and connecting active members of the industry. The idea is to provide the content producers with the platform to present the projects related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of the Blue Pitch Days is to recognise the most inspiring ideas that would attract advertisers and industry representatives willing to support or finance sustainability content projects and contribute to the sustainable transition while promoting their brand commitment.

RMB has cracked the code for successful sustainability projects (such as FLASH & SLICE), achieving a powerful combination of content creation, selection of the best distribution channels, and effective integration of advertisers into the process. The sales house continues playing a vital role in the media’s sustainability debate by helping producers bring about their ideas and enabling advertisers to associate with relevant sustainability projects.

The first Blue Pitch Day took place on 29 September at the premises of RMB. At the event, the candidate producers, who submitted their projects during the summer, illustrated their proposed strategies to the group of advertisers. The exchange between content creators and advertisers fuelled a captivating discussion and expanded the network of like-minded experts committed to a sustainable future.

In total, eight projects were presented to advertisers, among which RMB had the pleasure of welcoming BNP Paribas Fortis, Carrefour, Engie, ONE, Proximus, Recupel, and VISITWallonia.

Valérie Janssens, Development Director at RMB: “The Blue Pitch Day was a gamble. A bet that advertisers, searching for meaning and inspiration to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, would be enthusiastic about the projects of content creators eager to develop new narratives. Today, it’s no longer a gamble but a reality. We have piqued the interest of our clients… Now, we will focus on bringing the trial to fruition.”