‘Dagelijkse Kost’: Shaping Culinary Experience and Advertising Landscape in Flanders


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Seeking to adapt to evolving media consumption habits and strengthen its brand ‘Dagelijkse Kost,’ (Daily Meal), a beloved cooking show in Flanders, on public service VRT, has introduced an interactive mobile application. This strategic business move not only revolutionises user cooking experiences but also presents fresh avenues for advertisers to effectively target specific audiences.

Since its inception as a TV show in 2010, ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ has stood as a cornerstone of culinary entertainment in Flanders. Led by renowned chef Jeroen Meus, the program has become one of the region’s most significant TV shows, drawing in an average of 500,000 daily viewers and attracting 750,000 monthly website visitors (the Flemish Region has 6.6 million inhabitants).

Despite its initial success, ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ noticed declining figures: this decline was attributed to shifting audience behaviours and habits – particularly among younger audiences seeking mobile-friendly and personalised content experiences. Aiming to remain relevant in an increasingly digital and competitive landscape, ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ recognised the need for innovation and asked themselves an important question:

How to reach broader audiences with ‘Dagelijkse Kost’?

To expand its audience reach, the TV programme and recipe site aimed to transform into a prominent brand, serving as the ultimate information hub for Flemish food and cooking. The objective was to offer mobile-friendly, personalised content while fostering new opportunities for both users and advertisers. This ambitious vision materialized into the innovative ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ mobile app.

The ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ app was launched in September 2023, during a TV program (5”-billboard at the end of the TV show). The app was an instant hit, surpassing Uber Eats in downloads from day one and within a few months, it became the largest cooking community in Flanders.

Through a unique collaboration with Picky, a Ghent-based startup, and media company Hotel Hungaria, the app fostered a robust cooking community, enabling personalized interactions and sustaining high engagement levels.

New ways of advertising

The ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ app offers advertisers a modern media platform, providing numerous opportunities for hyper-targeting by leveraging user profiles and preferences (subject to user consent). Specifically within the food advertising ecosystem, the app guarantees precise placement, timing, and audience relevance. By integrating authentic food culture insights with demographic targeting, advertisers can refine their messages even more effectively.

Advertisers are now involved in every stage of the customer journey through display advertising (via Ads & Data), brand integration, and content marketing within the app (via Var). While existing display and video advertising options on the website remain, the app serves as a valuable extension, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Shaping the culinary landscape

The ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ app has emerged as an inspiring example of effective business strategy, reshaping both the culinary culture and the advertising ecosystem in Flanders. Through innovation, collaboration, and a dedication to meet evolving consumer’s needs, ‘Dagelijkse Kost’ has successfully positioned itself as an exclusive cooking platform in the digital media landscape. As the app continues to evolve and grow, it remains poised to shape the culinary experience for audiences across the region.