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EMG (Europa Media Group)

Type: Radio

Country: Russia

Address: 21, bld.5, Stanislavskogo Str., 109004, Moscow

Phone: +7 495 620 46 64



Status of the company: Independent

Type of company: Private

Number of employees: 0

Contact details

CEO of the sales house/Head of Sales dpt


Title: General Director, Member of the Management Board

Contact person

Name: Ekaterina EROSHKINA

Email: [email protected]

Reference person

Head of Sales: Maria Selivanova

Head of Marketing: Ekaterina Eroshkina

Head of Research: Andrey Nedbaev

Head of Communication / PR: Anton Korobkov-Zemliansky

Head of European Affairs / Head of Legal: Dmitry Grigoriev

Head of Digital: Dmitry Leshchiov

Market data

Ownership/status of the radio stations commercialised by the sales house: Private
Names of radio stations commercialised by the sales house: EUROPA PLUS, ROAD RADIO, RETRO FM, RADIO 7 ON SEVEN HILLS, NEW RADIO, STUDIO 21,
Other media commercialised by the sales house:
Publishers’ websites (eg. broadcasters / media groups, individual channels, others): EUROPAPLUS.RU, DOROGNOE.RU, RETROFM.RU, RADIO7.RU, NEWRADIO.RU, STUDIO21.RU, ELDORADIO.RU, KALINA.FM
Audio (music streaming services / online radio / podcasts, etc.): Digital Versions of EMG stations  (cites, apps, podcasts)
Other: Events
Audience share of the channels commercialised by your sales house
Total (radio): 60,1% (Weekly Reach of all EMG Station)
Source: (Mediascope, Radio Index, Russia (cities 100 000+), October 2019 – March 2020, Weekly Reach)

Sales house’s market share:
Total (radio): XXX
Source: XXX


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